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ホットリップスペイジ集 (Hot Lips Page Collection) 39曲

001-Ain't She Sweet? 1949
002-All Of Me (Billie Holiday) 1945
003-Baby, It's Cold Outside 1949
004-Casavova Cricket
005-Chocolate Candy Blues 1950
006-Don't Tell A Man About His Woman 1949
007-Feelin' High And Happy 1938
008-Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
009-Gone With The Gin 1940
010-Harlem Rumbain' The Blues 1940
011-He's Pulling His Whiskers 1938
012-I Ain't Got No Body 1940
013-I Never See Maggie Alone 1949
014-I won't be here long
015-I Would Do Anything For You 1940
016-I'm Gonna Lock My Heart
017-It's A Great Feeling 1949
018-La Danse 1947
019-Last Call For Alcohol
020-Miss Larceny Blues 1950

021-Old Man Ben
022-Pacifying Blues 1950
023-Pied Piper 1938
024-Rockin' At Ryans 1944
025-Skull Duggery
026-St. James Infirmary
027-Take Your Shoes Off, Baby 1947
028-That Lucky Old Sun 1949
029-The Devil's Kiss
030-The Egg Or The Hen 1949
031-The Huckle Buck 1949
032-The Lady In Bed
033-The Sheik Of Araby
034-Thirsty Mama Blues
035-Uncle Sam's Blues 1944
036-Walk It To Me 1940
037-Walkin' In A Daze 1947
038-Where Are You, Blue Eyes? 1950
039-You Stole My Wife, You Horse Thief 1950