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ベニー・グッドマン集 (Benny Goodman Collection) 210曲

001-A Smo-O-O-Oth One
002-A String of Pearls
003-Ac-Dc Current
004-Afraid To Dream 1937
005-After You're Gone 1944
006-After You've Gone
007-Alexander's Ragtime Band
008-All Of Me 1937
010-All The Cats Join In
012-Always And Always
013-Am I Blue 1937
016-Anything For You
017-Bach Goes to Town
018-Back Home Again in Indiana
019-Beautiful Changes 1937
020-Beethoven lo Escribio, Pero Tiene Swing!
021-Before Rachmaninoff 1942
022-Big John Special 1937
023-Blue Skies
024-BLUE SKIES long ver
025-Body and soul
026-Boy Meets Girl
027-Breakfast Feud
028-Bullets Fly 1937
029-By Myself
030-camel hop

032-Charlie's Dream
033-Christopher Columbus
035-Closing Theme 1944
036-Crazy Rhythm
037-Damfino Name 1937
038-Darktown Strutters Ball 1937
039-Darktown Strutters ball 1944
040-Darn That Dream 1939
041-Darn That Dream 1940
043-did you mean it 1936
044-Diga Diga Doo
046-Don't Be That Way
047-Downhill Special
048-Downtown Camp Meetin' 1937
049-Dream A Little Dream Of Me
050-Exactly Like You 1930
051-Farewell My Love 1937
052-Fascination Rhythm
053-gershwin medly
054-Get Happy
055-Girl Of My Dreams 1937
056-Gone With What Wind
057-Goodbye (show Closing)
058-Goodnight My Love
059-Goody Goody
060-Gotta Be This Or That 1945

061-Great Day 1944
062-Halaluya 1944 Vdisc
063-Hanford Starr 1943
064-Happy Session Blues
065-He Ain't Got Rhythm
066-Heatwave 1934
067-Here We Go Again 1944
068-Honeysuckle Rose
069-Hooray For Hollywood 1936
070-House Hop 1936
071-I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby 1937
072-I Thought About You 1939
073-I wanna Lead a Band 1958
074-I Warm Up
075-I was lucky 1935
076-I'll Get By
077-I'll Never Say Never Again Again
078-I'm Coming Virginia (Carnegie Hall)
079-I'm Gonna Love That Guy 1945
080-I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
081-If Dreams Come True 1937ver
082-If Dreams Come True 1938ver
083-If I Had You
084-If You Haven't Got A Girl
085-In The Mood 1944
086-Instruntamental 1937
087-It Don't Mean a Thing 1932
088-It's Been So Long (Instrumental) 1936
089-It's Only A Paper Moon
090-It's Tight Like That

091-Japanese Sandman
092-Jersey Bounce 1942
093-Josephine 1937
094-Keep On Doin' What You're Doin' 1936
095-King Porter Stomp
096-Laughing At Life 1937
097-Let's Dance (His theme song)
098-Life Goes To A Party (shorter ver)
099-Life Goes To A Party 1937
100-Lime house blues
101-Little Brown Jug
102-Little Brown Jug 1944
103-Loch Lomond
104-Love Me Or Leave Me 1937
105-Makin' Whoopie 1937
106-Melancholy Baby 1935
107-Memories Of You
108-Minnie The Moochers Wedding Day 1937
109-Minnie's in the Money 1943
110-Mission To Moscow
112-Moonlight On The Highway 1937
113-More Than You Know
114-My Home In Indiana 1949
115-My melancholy baby
116-Night Wind 1935
117-No Other One 1936
118-Nobody's Sweetheart
119-Not That I Care
120-Oh Lady Be Good 1935

121-Old Pappy 1934
122-oooOO-OH Boom
124-Perfedia 1941
125-Please Be Kind
126-Pointsienna 1944
127-Poor Butterfly
128-Put that Kiss Back where you found it
129-Puttin' On The Ritz
130-Rapsody in Blue
131-Remember (1935)
132-Riffin' The Scotch 1935
133-Riot Goes To A Party 1937
134-Rockin' The Town 1937
135-Roll 'Em
136-Room 1411 going to town
137-Rose Of Washington Square
138-Rose Room 1939
140-Santa Claus Came In The Spring
142-Sentimental Journey
143-Seven Come Eleven
144-Shirley steps out 1947
146-Show Opening 1944
147-Show Your Linen, Miss Richardson 1939
148-Silhouetted In The Moonlight
149-Sing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance) 1936

151-SING, SING, SING 9 Minutes veraion
152-Smiles 1937
153-Smoke Dreams 1936
155-So Many Memories 1937
156-Some Day Sweetheart 1937
157-Somebody Else Is Taking My Place 1942
158-Somebody Stole My Gal (Long Ver)
159-Somebody Stole My Gal (short ver)
160-Something New
161-South Of The Border
162-Spinning Wheel
163-St Louis Blues
164-Stardust 1937
165-Stealin' Apples
166-Stompin' at the Savoy
167-Sugar Foot Stomp 1937
168-Sweet Alice Blue Gown 1937
169-Sweet Lorraine (1938)
170-Sweet Stranger (shorter ver)
171-Sweet Sue Just you 1936
172-Swing Low Sweet Charriot 1937
173-Swing Sax
174-Swingtime In The Rockies (longer ver)
175-Swingtime In The Rockies 1937
176-Symphony 1946
177-T'Ain't What You Do (Carnegie Hall)
178-Take My Word
179-Tappin' The Barrel 1933
180-That Moon Is Here Again 1937

181-That's A-Plenty 1928
182-The Darktown Strutters Ball
183-The Foolish Things 1944 Vdisc
184-The Glory Of Love 1936
185-The kingdom of swing
186-The Naughty Waltz 1937
187-The Popcorn Man
188-The Songs Are Blue Skies 1958
189-The Varsity Drag
190-Three Little Words (live)
191-TIGER RAG ver2
192-Time On My Hands 1941
193-Tis Autumn
194-Too Good To Be True
195-Vibraphone Blues 1935
196-Vienne, Vienne
197-Waiting for Katie
198-Walk Jenny Walk 1937
199-Wang Wang Blues
200-Watch What Happens From The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg
201-When Buddha Smiles
202-When Your Lover Has Gone
203-Whispering 1936
204-Wholly Cats
206-Wolverine Blues 1928 (First record)
207-You And I Know 1937
209-You Showed Me The Way
210-Your Mother's Son-In-Law 1933