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ルイ・ジョーダン集 (Louis Jordan Collection) 108曲

【Louis Jordan And His Tympany 5】DECCA 1938 - 1951

No.001_1938-12-20_Barnacle bill the sailor
No.002_1938-12-20_Honey in the bee ball
No.003_1939-03-29_Flat face
No.004_1939-03-29_Doug the jitterbug
No.005_1939-03-29_At the swing cat's ball
No.006_1939-03-29_Keep a-knockin'
No.007_1939-03-29_Sam jones done snagged his britches
No.008_1939-03-29_Swingin' in the cocoanut trees
No.009_1939-11-14_But i'll be back
No.010_1939-11-14_Honeysuckle rose
No.011_1939-11-14_You ain't nowhere
No.012_1939-11-14_Fore day blues
No.013_1939-11-14_You're my meat
No.014_1939-11-14_Jake, what a snake
No.015_1940-01-25_You run your mouth and i'll run my business
No.016_1940-01-25_Hard lovin' blues
No.017_1940-01-25_I'm alabama bound
No.018_1940-01-25_June tenth jamboree
No.019_1940-03-13_After school swing session
No.020_1940-03-13_You got to go when the wagon comes
No.021_1940-03-13_Lovie joe
No.022_1940-03-13_Somebody done hoodooed the hoodoo man
No.023_1940-03-13_Penthouse in the basement
No.024_1940-04-29_Never let your left hand know
No.025_1940-09-30_Do you call that a buddy?
No.026_1940-09-30_Pompton turnpike
No.027_1940-09-30_A chicken ain't nothin' but a bird
No.028_1940-09-30_I know you
No.029_1941-01-24_Pinetop's boogie woogie
No.030_1941-01-24_T-bone blues

No.031_1941-01-24_The two little squirrels
No.033_1941-04-02_Brotherly love
No.035_1941-04-02_St vitus dance
No.036_1941-04-02_Boogie woogie came to town
No.037_1941-11-15_Knock me a kiss
No.038_1941-11-15_How 'bout that?
No.039_1941-11-22_I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town
No.040_1941-11-22_The green grass grows all around
No.041_1941-11-22_Small town boy
No.042_1942-07-21_I'm gonna leave you on the outskirts of town
No.043_1942-07-21_It's a low down dirty shame
No.044_1942-07-21_What's the use of getting sober
No.045_1942-07-21_The chicks i pick are slender and tender
No.046_1942-07-21_That'll just 'bout knock me out
No.047_1942-07-21_Five guys named moe
No.048_1943-10-04_Ration blues
No.049_1943-10-04_Deacon jones
No.050_1943-10-04_Is you is or is you ain't my baby
No.051_1944-03-15_G.I. jive
No.052_1944-03-15_You can't get that no more
No.053_1944-03-15_Mop! mop!
No.054_1945-01-19_Buzz me
No.056_1945-04-19_Somebody done changed the lock
No.057_1945-07-18_Don't worry 'bout that mule
No.058_1945-07-16_Salt pork, west virginia (Louis Jordan Orch.)
No.059_1945-07-16_How long must i wait (Louis Jordan Orch.)
No.060_1945-10-15_Reconversion blues (Louis Jordan Orch.)

No.062_1946-01-23_Don't let the sun catch you cryin'
No.063_1946-01-23_That chick's too young to fry
No.064_1946-01-23_Choo choo ch'boogie
No.065_1946-01-23_Ain't that just like a woman
No.066_1946-01-23_It's so easy
No.067_1946-06-26_If it's love you want, baby that's me
No.068_1946-06-26_Ain't nobody
No.069_1946-06-26_No sale
No.070_1946-10-10_Texas and pacific
No.071_1946-10-10_I know what you're puttin' on
No.072_1946-10-10_Jack, you're dead
No.073_1946-10-10_Sure had a wonderful time
No.074_1946-10-10_All for the love of lil
No.076_1947-01-23_Open the door, richard
No.077_1947-04-23_Early in the morning
No.078_1947-04-23_Barnyard boogie
No.079_1947-04-23_Run joe
No.080_1947-06-04_Look out
No.081_1947-06-09_Boogie woogie blue plate
No.082_1947-11-24_We can't agree
No.083_1947-11-24_Have you got the gumption?
No.084_1947-11-24_Roamin' blues
No.085_1947-11-24_Chicky-mo, craney-cro
No.086_1947-12-01_Inflation blues
No.087_1947-12-01_Pettin' and pokin'
No.088_1947-12-01_You're much too fat
No.089_1947-12-18_Don't burn the candle at both ends

No.091_1947-12-18_You're on the right track, baby
No.092_1947-12-18_Why'd you do it, baby?
No.093_1949-02-07_I know what i've got
No.094_1949-02-07_Safe, sane and single
No.095_1949-04-12_Push-ka-pee shee pie
No.096_1949-04-12_Baby's gonna go bye bye
No.097_1949-04-12_Heed my warning
No.099_1949-08-09_Saturday night fish fry
No.100_1949-08-09_Hungry man
No.101_1950-06-26_Blue light boogie part 1 (Louis Jordan And His Trio)
No.102_1950-06-26_Blue light boogie part 2 (Louis Jordan And His Trio)
No.103_1950-08-18_Lemonade (Louis Jordan And His Trio)
No.104_1950-08-18_Charteuse (Louis Jordan And His Trio)
No.105_1950-08-19_Tamburitza boogie (Louis Jordan And His Trio)
No.106_1950-08-21_Trouble then satisfaction (Louis Jordan And His Trio)
No.107_1951-03-01_Weak minded blues (Louis Jordan And His Trio)
No.108_1951-06-05_Louisville lodge meeting (Louis Jordan And His Trio)