BestWeb-Link オリジナル・メンフィス・ファイブ集



オリジナル・メンフィス・ファイブ集 (The Original Memphis Five Collection) 50曲

001-Anything 1931
002-Anyway The Wind Blows 1924
003-Bass Ale Blues 1925
004-Choo Choo I Gotta Hurry Home 1925
005-Cuddle Up Blues 1922
006-Damfino Name 1
007-Damfino Name 2
008-Deedle-Deedle-Dum 1922
009-Fireworks 1929
010-Forgetful Blues 1923
011-Four O'clock Blues
012-Great White Way Blues 1922
013-Hootin' De Hoot 1925
014-How Come You Do Me Like You Do 1927
015-I Wish I Could Shimmy Like Sister Kate 1922
016-I'm Going Away to Wear You Off My Mind
017-I'm Going Back To Those Who Won't Go Back On Me 1924
018-I've got a song for sale 1923
019-Indiana Stomp 1925
020-Jazz Me Blues 1931
021-Keep it under your Hat
022-Last Night On The Back Porch 1923
023-Loose Feet 1923
024-Lovey Lee 1927
025-Meanest Blues 1924
026-Memphis Glide 1922
027-Military Mike 1925
028-My Honey's Lovin' Arms 1922
029-No One Knows What Its All About 1924
030-Pickles 1923

031-Railroad Man
032-Red Hot Mama 1924
033-Shufflin' Mose
034-Since Ma is Playing Mah Jong
035-Snake Hips 1923
036-Sob Sister Sadie 1925
037-Somebody Stole My Gal 1923
038-St Louis Gal 1923
039-Static Strut 1926
040-Stop Your Kidding
041-Taint Cold 1926
042-Tampeekoe 1926
043-That Barking Dog, Woof Woof 1922
044-That Red Head Gal 1923
045-The Great White Way Blues
046-Throw Down Blues 1925
047-Tin Roof Blues 1923
048-Walk Jenny Walk 1923
049-What Do I Care What Someone Said 1927
050-Who's sorry now 1923