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テッド・ルイス集 (Ted Lewis Collection) 250曲

001-A Good Man Is Hard to Find
002-A Jazz Holiday
003-Ah-Ha !
004-Alexanders Ragtime Band 1927
005-All Aboard For Dreamland, Baby 1933
006-All By Myself 1921
007-Allah's Holiday
008-Amaress 1940
009-An Ev'ning In Caroline 1931
010-An Old, Old Man With A Old, Old Pipe
013-At Last I'm Happy 1931
014-Aunt Hagar's Blues 1930ver
015-Away Down South In Heaven 1927
016-Bam, Bam, Bamy Shore 1926
017-Barnyard Blues
018-Beale Street Blues 1923
019-Beale Street Mama
020-Bees Knees 1923
021-Bimimi Bay
022-Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me 1920
023-Bo-La-Bo 1920
024-Bring Back Those Minstrel Days
025-Broadway Rose
026-Bugle Call Rag
027-Buy American
028-Clarinet Marmalade
030-Crossroads 1940

031-Cut Yourself A Piece Of Cake 1923
032-Dallas Blues
033-Damfino Name1
034-Damfino Name2
035-Damfino Name3
036-Darktown Strutter's Ball
037-Did She Ask For Me
038-Dinah 1930
039-Dip Your Brush In The Sunshine
040-Don't Wake Me Up (Let Me Dream)
041-Down The Old Church Aisle 1927
042-Dream Daddy
043-Drifting And Dreaming
046-Egyptian Ella 1931
047-Every Day 1922
048-Everybody Step 1922
049-Fair One 1921
050-Farewell Blues 1929
052-Fifty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong
053-Four Leaf Clover 1940
054-Frankie And Johnnie
055-Georgette 1922
056-Glad Rag Doll 1929
057-Gold Diggers' Song 1933
059-Gypsy Moon
060-Happiness Ahead

061-Harmonica Harry 1930
062-Have You Ever Been Lonely 1933
063-Headin' For Better Times 1932
064-Hello, Montreal 1928
065-Here You Come With Love 1933
066-Hi-diddle-diddle 1926
067-Ho Hum 1931
068-Home Again Blues
069-Home Made Sunshine
071-Hot Lips 1922
072-Hucklebery Duck 1940
073-Hula Blues 1920
074-I Ain't Got Nobody
075-I Can Do It
076-I Can Sew A Button
077-I Can't Get Over You 1926
078-I Like You Best Of All
079-I Love You 1929
080-I Love You Sally
081-I Love You The Same
082-I Love You, Sunday 1921
083-I Love You, Sweet Angeline
084-I Miss My Swiss
085-I Wish I Was In Peoria
086-I Wonder What Become Of Sally 1924
087-I'll Close My Eyes To Everyone Else
088-I'll See You In C-U-B-A
089-I'm All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart 1931
090-I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby 1933

091-I'm Sure Of Everything But You
092-I'm The Medicine Man For The Blues 1929
093-I'm Walking Around In A Dream 1929
094-I've Found A New Baby 1926
095-If I Had A Million Dollars
096-If You See Sally 1926
097-In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
098-In My Gondola
099-Is Everybody Happy Now 1927
100-Isn't It A Shame
101-It's Sunny Down In Caroline
102-Iyone My Own Iyone
106-June Night
107-Jungle Blues
108-Just A Gigolo 1931
109-Just Around The Corner 1941
110-Keep A Little Sunshine In Your Heart
111-Keep Sweeping The Cob Webs Off The Moon
112-King For A Day 1928
113-Lady Luck 1929
114-Laugh, Clown, Laugh! 1928
115-Laughing At Life
116-Lazy Bones 1933
117-Lewisada Blues 1929ver
118-Lewisada Blues 1931ver
120-Limehouse blues 1928

121-Little Locket Of Long Ago
122-Lonely Troubador 1929
123-Louisville Lou 1923
124-Love Me 1921
125-Lovin' Sam (The Sheik Of Alabam)
126-Ma! 1922
128-Margie 1920
130-Marie 1922
131-Mary Ann 1928
132-Maybe-Who Knows 1929
133-Medley Fox Trot
134-Memphis Blues
135-Milenburg Joys
136-Monkey Doodle Doo
137-Moonlight Madness
138-Mr.Radio Man
139-My Little Dreamboat 1928
140-My Mama's In Town 1926
141-My Old Flame
142-My Woman
143-New Farewell Blues 1932
144-Nobody Loves You Like I Do
145-O Katharina 1925
146-Oh Baby!
147-Oh! 1920
148-Old Playmate
149-On The Sunny Side Of The Street 1930
150-One More Time

151-One Sweet Letter from You 1927
152-Play Fiddle, Play 1932
153-Poor Papa
154-Pop Goes Your Heart
155-Pretty Little Baby
156-Queen Of Sheba
158-Roaring 20's Jazz
160-Roses Of Picardy
161-Rosy Posy
162-Royal Garden Blues 1931
163-Runnin' Wild 1923
164-Sally, Won't You Come Back 1921
165-San 1924
166-San 1930
167-Say, Arbella
168-Second Hand Rose 1921
169-Send Back My Honeyman
170-She Loves Me
171-She's Everybody's Sweetheart 1924
172-She's Funny That Way 1928
174-Show Me The Way 1925
175-Singing A Vagabond Song
176-Sobbin' Blues
177-Some Of These Days (V=By Sophie) 1926
178-Somebody Loves You 1932
179-Somebody Stole My Gal
180-Someday Sweetheart

181-Somehow (Number One)
182-St. Louis Blues
183-Start The Band
184-Steppin' Out 1923
185-Stormy Weather 1933
186-Sunny Side Of The Street 1944
187-Sunshine Alley 1922
188-Sweet Little You
189-Sweet Sue Just You
190-Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi
191-Sweetie Pie
192-Take A Chance With Me
193-Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes
194-Ten Thousand Years Ago
195-That Certain Party
196-That Riga-liga-lee 1921
197-That's Why I Love You
198-The Camel Walk
199-The Darktown Strutter's Ball
200-The Garden In Old Kalua
201-The Gold Diggers' Song 1933
202-The Hula Blues
203-The Little Old Church In The Valley
204-The Lonesome Road 1930
205-The Memphis Blues 1927
206-The Moon Shines On The Moonshine
207-The New St. Louis Blues
208-The Old St. Louis Blues 1938
209-The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
210-The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi 1938

211-The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
212-There'll Be Some Changes Made 1924
213-There's A New Day Comin'
214-There's A Ring Around My Rainbow
215-There's Going To Be A Wedding In The Band
216-Three O'Clock In The Morning 1938
217-Through! (How Can You Say We're Through) 1929
218-Tiger Rag
219-Tin Roof Blues
220-Tired Of Me 1921
221-Tommorrow (I'll Be In Dixie Again)
222-Tonight Is Mine
223-Too Tired
224-Try A Little Tenderness 1933
225-Twelfth Street Rag 1923
226-Twelve O'Clock At Night 1924
227-Two Cigarettes In The Dark
228-Underneath The Palms
229-Unfortunate Blues
230-Wabash Blues

231-Wah Wah!
232-Wandering In Dreamland
233-Wang Wang Blues
234-We're Back Together Again
235-We're In The Money
236-Wear A Hat With A Silver Lining
237-Wet Yo' Thumb
238-When My Baby Smiles At Me 1920
239-When The Curtain Falls
240-Where Daddy Now Blues
241-Where'd You Get Those Eyes 1926
242-While We Danced Till Dawn
243-White Heat
244-Will You Remember Me
245-Wistful And Blue 1926
247-Wouldn't It Be Wonderful
248-Yellow Dog Blues 1930
249-You Were Ment For Me 1940
250-You've Got That Thing 1929