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ウディ・ハーマン集 (Woody Herman Collection) 201曲

001-A Million Dreams Ago 1940
002-A Taste Of Honey
003-Across The Alley From The Alamo (V=Woody Herman) 1947
004-After You've Gone
005-Amen 1942
006-Apple Honey 1945
007-Beach Head 1943
008-Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar 1940
009-Better Get Off Your High Horse 1936
010-Big Morning 1939
011-Big Wig In The Wig Wam 1939
012-Bishop's Blues 1941
013-Blowin Up A Storm
014-Blue Dawn (V=Woody Herman) 1939
015-Blue Evening 1938
016-Blue Flame 1941
017-Blue Ink 1940
018-Blue Prelude 1940
019-Blues Downstairs 1939
020-Blues In The Night 1941
021-Blues On Parade 1939
022-Blues Upstairs 1939
023-Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 1941
024-Bounce Me Brother, With A Solid Four 1941
025-Broadway's Gone Hawaiian 1937
026-By The River Of The Roses (V=Woody Herman) 1943
027-Caldonia (V=Woody Herman) 1945
028-Calliope Blues 1938
029-Can This Be Love? 1939
030-Careless 1940

031-Carolina In The Morning 1938
032-Casbah Blues 1939
033-Civilization (V=Woody Herman) 1947
034-Cousin To Chris 1940
035-Crying Sands 1944
036-Dallas Blues 1939
037-Days Of Wine And Roses
038-Debacho 1939 (V=Mary Martin )
039-Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Bing Crosby & Woody Herman) 1942
040-Deep Night 1940
041-Do I Love You? 1940
042-Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (V=Woody Herman) 1943
043-Doctor Jazz 1937
044-Don't Get Around Much Anymore
045-Don't Tell A Lie About Me, Dear 1942
046-Don't Wake Up My Heart 1938
047-Don't You Know Or Don't You Care? 1937
048-Double Or Nothing 1937
049-Down Under 1942
050-Dream Valley 1940
051-Dupree Blues 1937
052-Early Autumn 1952
053-East Side Kick 1939
054-Exactly Like You
055-Fan It 1941
056-Farewell Blues 1939
057-Fine And Dandy 1939
058-Five O'clock Whistle 1940
059-Flyin' Home
060-For Tonight 1939

061-Four Brothers 1947
062-Four Or Five Times (V=Woody Herman) 1942
063-Frenesi 1940
064-G I JIVE
065-G'bye Now 1941
066-Get You Boots Laced, Papa Part 1 1940
067-Get You Boots Laced, Papa Part 2 1940
068-Giant Steps
069-Give A Little Whistle 1940
070-Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe (V=Frances Wayne)
071-Herman At The Sherman 1940
072-Humpty Dumpty Heart (V=Bing Crosby) 1941
073-Hurry Back To Sorrento (V=Woody Herman) 1941
074-I Ain't Got Nobody (V=Bing Crosby) 1941
075-I Can't Pretend 1936
076-I Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But You 1956
077-I Dood It (V=Woody Herman) 1943
078-I Double Dare You 1937
079-I Guess I'll Be On My Way 1942
080-I Should Have Known Years Ago 1940
081-I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out (V=Woody Herman) 1947
082-I Wanna Be In Winchell's Column 1937
083-I Want My Mama (Bing Crosby & Woody Herman) 1942
084-I Wouldn't Take A Million 1940
085-I'll Pray For You 1940)
086-I'll Remember April (V=Woody Herman) 1941
087-I'm Coming, Virginia 1939
088-I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes (Bing Crosby & Woody Herman) 1942
089-I've Got It Bad, And That Ain't Good 1949
090-If I Knew Then 1939

091-Il Bacio (V=Mary Martin) 1939
092-Indian Boogie Woogie (Piano=Tommy Linehan) 1938
093-Irresistable You
094-Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby 1943
095-It Happened Down In Dixieland 1937
096-It Must Be Jelly 'cause Jame Don't Shake Like That
097-It's A Blue World 1940
098-It's My Turn Now 1939
099-John Brown's Other Body
100-Jukin' 1940
101-Jumpin' Blues 1939
102-Keen And Peachy 1947
103-Keeper Of The Flame
104-La Fiesta
105-Las Chiapanecas 1941
106-Laughing Boy Blues 1938
107-Laura (V=Woody Herman) 1945
108-Lazy River
109-Let Me Love You Tonight 1942
110-Let's All Meet At My House (V=Bing Crosby) 1941
111-Let's Pitch A Little Woo 1937
112-Listen To The Mocking Bird (V=Mary Martin) 1938
113-Loch Lomond 1937
114-Lolly Pop 1949
115-Looking For Yesterday 1940
117-Love Is A Many-splendored Thing 1955
118-Love Me 1939
119-Love Of My Life 1940
120-Love With A Capital You 1939

121-Love's Got Me Down Again 1939
122-Lullaby In Rhythm 1938
123-Midnight Echoes 1939
124-Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet (V=Woody Herman) 1944)
125-Mister Meadowlark 1940
127-Mr Ghost Goes To Town 1936
128-Music By The Moon 1940
129-My Fine Feathered Friend 1937
130-My Funny Valentine
131-Noah 1944
132-Northwest Passage 1945
133-Oh! Look At Me Now 1941
134-On The Isle Of May 1940
135-Paleface Blues 1939
136-Pancho Maximillian Hernandez (V=Woody Herman) 1947
137-Peace, Brother! 1939
138-Peach Tree Street 1940
139-Pick A Rib 1940
140-Please Be There (V=Woody Herman) 1942
141-Put That Down In Writing 1939
142-Red Tie 1943
143-Rhumboogie 1940
144-Rose O'day 1942
145-Rosetta 1939
146-Sabre Dance 1947
147-Saturday Night (V=Frances Wayne) 1944
148-Sheik Of Araby 1939
149-Shorty Rodgers
150-Sister Sadie

151-Sleepy Serenade 1941
152-Smarty Pants 1939
153-Someone To Care For Me 1936
154-Song Of Old Hawaii 1940
155-Sonny Boy
156-Sorrento 1941
157-Stardust On The Moon 1937
158-Steps (Woody Herman Woodchoppers) 1946
159-Still The Bluebird Sings 1939
160-Summer Sequence 1947
161-Sweet Sue, Just You
162-Tallahassee (V=Dinah Shore) 1947
163-Thank Your Lucky Stars 1940
164-That's My Desire (V=Woody Herman) 1947
165-That's Right 1949
166-The End Of The Rainbow 1940
167-The Golden Wedding 1940
168-The Goose Hangs High 1936
169-The Lady From Fifth Avenue 1937
170-The Music Stopped (V=Frances Wayne) 1943
171-The Rhumba Jumps 1939
172-The Sky Fell Down 1940
173-The Stars Remain 1940
174-There Are No Wings On A Foxhole
175-There Goes That Song Again
176-There I Go 1940
177-There Will Never Be Another You (V=Woody Herman) 1942
178-There'll Be Some Changes Made
179-Things Ain't What They Used To Be
180-This Changing World 1939

181-This Time The Dream's On Me 1941
182-Time Waits For No One (V=Frances Wayne)
183-Tis Autumn 1942
184-Trouble In Mind 1937
185-Twin City Blues 1938
186-Whatever Happened To You? 1940
187-Where Do I Go From You? 1940
188-Whistle Stop 1940
189-Who Dat Up Dare 1944
190-Who'll Buy My Violets (V=Mary Martin) 1938
191-Wintertime Dreams 1936
192-Woodchopper's Ball 1946
193-Woodsheddin' With Woody 1941
194-World On A String 1943
195-Wouldja Mind? 1940
196-Yardbird Shuffle 1941
197-Yea Man 1943
198-You Think Of Everything 1940
199-You're A Sweetheart 1937
200-You're The One 1940
201-Your Father's Moustache