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ポール・ホワイトマン集 (Paul Whiteman Collection) 520曲

001-A Bench In The Park (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
002-A Big Bouquet For You
003-A Bundle Of Old Love Letters (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
004-A Faded Summer Love 1931
005-A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet (V=The Pickin Sisters, The Rondalers) 1933
006-A Night With At The Biltmore
007-A Rose And A Kiss
008-A Shady Tree
009-A Strauss Waltz 1934
010-A Thousand Goodnights (V=Lee Wiley) 1934
011-A Waltz Was Born In Vienna
012-Adoring You 1924
013-After The Rain 1922
014-After You've Gone (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
015-Ain't Misbehavin' (V=Jack Teagarden) 1932
016-Alabamy Bound 1924
017-All Alone 1924
018-All Of Me (V=Mildred Bailey) 1932
019-All Through The Night 1935
020-Among My Souvenirs 1959
021-An Orange Grove In California (Irving Berlin) 1923
022-Annie Dosen't Live Here Anymore 1934 ver1
023-Annie Dosen't Live Here Anymore 1934 ver2
024-Announcer's blues
025-Anything Goes (V=Ramona Davies) 1934
026-Anytime anyday anywhere 1920
027-April Showers 1921
028-Are You Makin' Any Money 1933
029-Armed Forces Radio Service 1944
030-At Twilight (V=The Rhythm Boys) 1929
031-At Twilight 1934
032-Auntie Hagers Blues
033-Back In Your Own Backyard 1928
035-Beale Street Blues (V=Jack Teagarden) 1943
036-Beautiful Girl (V=Bob Lawrence) 1934
037-Because My Baby Don't Mean "maybe" Now! 1928
038-Bell Hoppin' Blues
039-Bess You Is My Woman Now Showboat (V=Helen Jepson)
040-Bessa Me Mucho (V=Connee Boswell) 1944

041-Better Think Twice (V=Jerry Arlan, Peggy Healy) 1933
042-Birth Of The Blues
043-Blue Hawaii 1929
044-Blue Night
045-Blue Room 1934
046-Body and Soul
047-Bouncing Ball 1933
048-Bright Eyes 1921
049-Broadway 1927
050-Broken Hearted
051-Button Up Your Overcoat (V=Mildred Bailey)
052-By The Sycamore Tree
053-By The Waters Of Minnetonka 1924
054-By The Waters Of Minnetonka 1934
055-Can't We Be Friends (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
056-Can't You See 1931
057-Canadian Capers 1921
060-Carolina in the Morning
061-Carolina Moon (V=Mildred Bailey) 1943
062-Changes (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
063-Chansonette 1923
065-Charlestonette 1925
066-Cherie 1921
067-China Boy 1929
068-Chinese Lullaby 1929
069-Chiquita 1928
070-Choo Choo 1930
071-Christmas Night In Harlem 1934
072-Clap Your Hands 1934
073-Clarabelle 1934
074-Coal Black Mammy 1922
076-Come Up And See Me Sometime 1933
077-Concert medley 1943
078-Concerto In F Pt.2 (Whiteman Concert Orch. Gershwin) 1939
079-Concerto In F Pt.3 (Whiteman Concert Orch. Gershwin) 1939
080-Concherto C sharp (V=The Pickin Sisters, The Rondalers) 1934

081-Concherto in 'F'
082-Constantinoble 1928
083-Countess Maritiza
084-Cradle of Love 1929
085-Cuban Love Song 1931
086-Dalas Man (V=Ramona Davies) 1933
087-Damfino Name_1
088-Damfino Name_2
089-Dance of the Hours 1920
090-Dancing Honeymoon
091-Dancing Shadows 1928
092-Dancing Tambourine 1927
093-Dardanella 1928
094-Dear Old Southland 1921
095-Dearest 1923
096-Deep Purple
097-Did I Here You Say I Love You
098-Dixie Lee (V=Mildred Bailey) 1934
099-Do I Hear You Saying 1928
100-Do It Again 1922
101-Do Nothing 'Till You Hear From Me (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
102-Do You Ever Think Of Me 1921
103-Doin' The Uptown Lowdown (V=The Pickin Sisters) 1933
104-Dolly Dimples
105-Don't Mind The Rain
106-Don't Suppose
107-Don't Sweetheart Me (V=Connee Boswell) 1944 ver1
108-Don't Sweetheart Me (V=Connee Boswell) 1944 ver2
109-Don't You Remember Me (V=Bob Lawrence) 1933
110-Doo Wacka Doo (V=Billy Murray) 1924
111-Driftwood Where Is That Old Girl Of Mine 1924
112-Easter Parade (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
113-Eliza 1924
114-Evening Star (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
115-Everybody Step
116-Fare Thee Well to Harlem 1934
117-Farewell blues
118-Farewell To Arms 1933
119-Fate 1923
120-Feather Your Nest 1920

121-Felix The Cat
122-Five, Step 1927
123-Footloose (V=Billy Murray)
124-Forget Me Not 1928
125-From Monday On (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
126-Funny Little World (V=Lee Wiley) 1934
127-Gay Love (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
129-Georgie Porgie
130-Get Out And Get Under The Moon (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
131-Gettin' Sentimental 1931
132-Gloomy Sunday
133-Good Mornin' Glory (V=The Pickin Sisters) 1934
134-Goodnight Sweetheart (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
135-Goopy Gear (V=Ramona Davies) 1933
136-Great Day (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
137-Grieveing For you
138-Gypsy Blues 1921
139-Happy Feet
140-Heart And Soul
141-High Water (V=Bing Crosby)
142-Hindustan (Joe Venuti) 1956
143-Home (V=Mildred Bailey) 1931
144-Home In Pasadena
145-Home On The Range (V=Bob Lawrence) 1933
147-Honey, I'm In Love With You 1925
148-Hot Cha Medley (V=Mildred Bailey) 1932
149-Hot lips 1922
150-How About Me
151-How Deep Is The Ocean
152-Humming 1921
153-I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
154-I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
155-I Don't Suppose 1931
156-I Get A Kick Out Of You 1935
157-I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
158-I Left My Sugar Standing In The Rain
159-I Like To Do Things For You (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
160-I Love You 1923

161-I Miss My Swiss 1925
162-I Saw Stars 1934
163-I Surrender Dear (V=Bing Crosby)
164-I'll Be Faithful (V=Jack Fulton) 1933
165-I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise 1922
166-I'll Follow You
167-I'll Get By (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
168-I'll Never Be The Same (V=Mildred Bailey) 1932
169-I'm A Dreamer Aren't We All? (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
170-I'm Comin' Virginia 1934
171-I'm Going South
172-I'm in Love Again 1927
173-I'm In Seventh Heaven
174-I'm In The Mood For Love 1935
175-I'm Just Wild About Harry 1933
176-I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover (V=Billy Murray)
177-I'm On The Crest Of A Wave 1928
178-I'm Still In Love With You (V=Jack Teagarden) 1934
179-I'm The Echo
180-I've Got Plenty Of Nothing 1944
181-I've Heard That Song Before (V=Mildred Bailey) 1943
182-If I Had A Talking Picture Of You 1929
183-If I Love Again (V=Lee Wiley) 1934
184-If You Don't Believe Me 1928
185-In A Little Spanish Town (V=Jack Fulton) 1927
186-In My Heart It's You
187-In Other Words, Were Through (V=Ramona Davies) 1934
188-In Paree (V=The Rondalers) 1933
189-In The Good Old Summertime 1933
190-Indian Love Call 1924
191-Is It Gonna Be Long
192-It All Depends On You
193-It Had To Be You
194-It Happened in Monterey 1930
195-It Was The Dawn Of Love 1928
196-It Won't Be Long Now (V=Bing Crosby) 1927
197-It's Always You (V=Dinah Shore) 1943
198-It's Only A Paper Moon 1933
199-It's Three O' Clock In The Morning 1933
200-It's Up To You

202-Jamboree Jones
203-Japanese Mammy 1928
204-Japanese Sandman
205-Jeannie I Dream Of Lilac Time 1928
206-Jeepers Creepers
207-Journey's End 1922
208-Just A Little Drink
209-Just A Memory
210-Just Me And My Shadow
211-Just Once Again 1927
212-La Paloma (V=Bing Crosby)
213-Lady Of The Evening 1923
214-Last Night On The Back Porch
215-Lazy 1924
216-Lazy Bones (V=Johnny Mercer) 1943
217-Learn To Do The Strut
218-Learn To Smile (Louis Hirsch) 1921
219-Let's Begin
220-Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love 1928
221-Let's Fall In Love (V=Jack Fulton) 1934
222-Let's Put Out The Lights 1932
223-Leven Pounds Of Heaven (V=Mildred Bailey) 1931
224-Limehouse Blues
225-Linger Awhile 1924
226-Little Women Like You (V=Jack Fulton) 1934
227-Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
228-Lonely Eyes 1926
229-Lonely Melody 1928
230-Lonesome In The Moonlight
231-Long Ago And Far Away (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
232-Look What I've Got 1933
233-Louise (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
234-Louisiana (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
235-Lovable (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
236-Love And Kisses
237-Love Bird
238-Love In Bloom 1934
239-Love Is Love Anywhere (V=Mildred Bailey) 1934
240-Love Is Sweeping The Country (V=The Rondalers) 1933

241-Love Me Tonight (V=Mildred Bailey) 1932
242-Love Nest 1927
243-Love Thy Neighbor (V=Ramona Davies) 1934
244-Lover 1933
245-Lover Come Back to Me
246-Lover Where Can You Be (V=Mildred Bailey) 1943
247-Lucky Kentucky
248-Ma Belle
250-Make Believe
251-Make Hay While the Sun Shines (V=Ramona Davies) 1934
252-Make Love Under The Stars (V=The Rythm Girls) 1934
253-Makin' Whoopee (V=Bing Crosby)
254-Mandalay Step Henrietta 1924
255-Manhattan 1925
256-Manhattan Mary 1927
257-March Of The Musketters
258-Marching Song (V=Gracy Fields) 1943
259-Marianne 1929
260-Mary (V=Bing Crosby) 1927
261-Maury The Cop (V=The Rondalers) 1934
262-May I (V=Buddy Halber) 1934
263-Me And My Shadow
264-Me Too
265-Mean To Me
266-Meditation from Thais 1924
267-Medly from show Joe Paluka (V=Peggy Healy) 1933
268-Metropolis 1928
269-Midnight In Monte Carlo (Joe Venuti) 1956
270-Milenberg Joys
271-Minute Waltz 1933
272-Miss Annabelle Lee (V=Rhythm Boys)
273-Mississippi Mud (V=Bing Crosby, Rythm Boys ) 1929
274-Missouri Waltz (V=Bing Crosby) 1927
275-Madame Butterfly (V=Helen Jetson, John Dunbar) 1934
276-Moon Love 1939
277-Moonlight And Roses Medley(Chorus: Al Rinker, Jack Fulton, Bing Crosby) 1929
278-Moonlight On The Ganges
279-Moonlight Waltz
280-Mr Gallagher And Mr Shean

281-Muddy Water (V=Bing Crosby, Rythm Boys) 1927
282-Mutiny In The Nursery
283-My Angel 1928
284-My Blue Heaven (V=The Rhythm Boys) 1927
285-My Goodbye To You 1931
286-My Hero 1933
287-My Lucky Star 1929
288-My Man
289-My Melancholy Baby 1928
290-My Moonlight Madonna 1933
291-My Pet 1928
292-My Romance
293-Neath The South Sea Moon
294-Never In A Million Years (V=Bing Crosby) 1937
295-Never Knew
296-New Orleans
297-New Step
298-New Tiger Rag
299-Night Owl (V=Rythm Boys) 1933
300-Nobody's Sweetheart Now 1935
302-Not Jimmy Duranty 1933
303-Not Worth The Salt Of My Tears (V=Rhythm Boys)
305-Now I'm A Lady 1935
306-O Ya Ya 1928
307-Oh Lady Be Good! 1924
308-Oh Me, Oh My 1934
309-Oh Miss Hannah
310-Oh You Have No Idea 1928
311-Old Fashioned Girl
312-Old Fashioned Reel 1934
313-Old Man River (V=Bing Crosby)
314-Old New England Moon 1930
315-Old Playmate 1931
316-Old Rocking Chairs Got Me (V=Mildred Bailey) 1943
317-On The Gin Gin Ginny Shore 1922
318-Once In A Blue Moon (V=Bob Lawrence) 1934
319-One Minute To One (V=Bob Lawrence) 1933
320-Only Make Believe (V=Bing Crosby)

321-Oo, That Kiss (V=The Rondalers) 1933
322-Ooh Maybe Its You 1927
323-Opera (V=Helen Jetson) 1934
324-Operatic Waltz 1933
325-Oriental Fox Trot 1922
326-Out O' Town Gal 1928
327-Pack Up Your Sins
328-Pal Of My Cradle Days
329-Pale Moon 1924
330-Paper Moon
331-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers 1922
332-Paradise Alley
333-Peelin' The Peach
334-Perfect Paradise (V=Jack Fulton) 1934
335-Peter Peter (V=The Rondalers) 1934
336-Pickin' Cotton 1928
337-Plink Plank Plunk 1944
338-Poor Butterfly 1928
339-Pretty Lips
340-Puddin Head Jones (V=Mildred Bailey) 1934
341-Raggedy Ann 1923
342-Ragin' the Scale 1934
344-Raisin The Rent 1933
345-Ramona (V=Austin Young)
346-Ramona, What Have We Got To Lose
347-Reaching For Someone 1929
348-Red Hot Henry Brown
349-Red Red Robin
350-Revolt in Cuba 1934
351-Rhapsody In Blue 1927
352-Rhapsody In Blue 1934
353-Rise N' Shine
354-River Of The Roses (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
355-Riverboat Shuffle
356-Rockin' Chair (V=Mildred Bailey) 1932
357-Romany Love (Zamenick) 1922
358-Rose Room 1939
359-Saddle Your Blues To A Wild Mustang
360-Sam The Accordian Man (V=Ramona Davies) 1933

362-Say It with Music 1921
363-Second Hand Rose 1921
364-Second Rhapsody (V=Will Bargy)
365-Selections from 'Showboat' 1928
366-Serenade For A Wealthy Widow
367-Shaking The Blues Away 1927
368-Shall We Dance
369-Shanghai Dream Man 1927
370-Shanghai Lullaby 1923
371-Should I 1929
372-Side By Side (V=Bing Crosby) 1927
373-Silent Night 1928
374-Silver Moon
375-Sing A Little Lowdown Tune (V=The Pickin Sisters) 1934
376-Sing A Song Of Six Pence
377-Singin The Blues
378-Sittin' In A Corner 1923
379-Sitting On A Rainbow
380-Sleepytime Down South (V=Mildred Bailey)
381-Smileest 1920
382-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (V=Bob Lawrence) 1934
383-Smoke Rings (V=The Rythm Girls) 1934
384-So This Is Venius
385-Some Sunny Day (Irving Berlin) 1922
386-Somebody Loves Me 1924
387-Somebody Stole My Gal
388-Song Of India 1928
389-Song Of Songs 1924
390-Song Of The Bayu (V=The Pickin Sisters, The Rondalers) 1933
391-Song Of The Dawn (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
392-Song Of The Wanderser
393-Sonja (V=Billy Murray) 1925
394-Southern Medley (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
395-Spain (Isham Jones) 1924
396-Spring Beautiful Spring 1934
397-St Louis Blues
398-Stairway To Paradise
399-Stardust (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
400-Stella By Starlight 1944

401-Strangers (V=Mildred Bailey) 1932
402-Stumbling (V=Bing Crosby) 1922
403-Sugar 1928
404-Sugar Plum
405-Sunshine (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
406-Sweet And Low Down
407-Sweet Child 1926
408-Sweet Lady
409-Sweet Sue, Just You (V=Jack Fulton) 1928
410-Sweetheart (Arnold Johnson) 1921
411-Taint So, Honey, Taint So (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
412-Take Me In Your Arms 1932
413-Tell Her In The Springtime 1924
414-Tell Me With A Melody 1923
415-Temtation (V=Mildred Bailey) 1934
416-That Certain Feeling 1925
417-That's Grandma
418-That's Love (V=Ramona Davies) 1934
419-That's My Weakness Now 1928
420-The Bells Of Saint Marys 1933
421-The Best Things In Life Are Free 1959
422-The Birth Of The Blues 1926
423-The Calinda (V=Bing Crosby)
424-The Charleston
425-The F Blues 1933
426-The Firm
427-The Funnies (V=The Pickin Sisters, The Rondalers) 1934
428-The General Jumped At Dawn
429-The Jockey on the Carousel 1935
430-The June Bugs Dance
431-The Last Round Up (V=Bob Lawrence) 1934
432-The Man I Love (V=Vaughn DeLeath) 1928
433-The Monkey Doodle Doo 1925
434-The Music Of Love 1934
435-The Old Music Master
436-The Only Only One For Me
437-The Parade Of The Wooden Soldier 1933
438-The Pilgrims (V=The Rondalers, The Rythm Girls) 1934
439-The Rhythm Rag
440-The Sax Waltz

441-The Shoe Makers Holiday
442-The Sidewalks Of New York
443-The Valley Of The Moon (V=Jack Hilton) 1934
444-The Voice In The Old Village Choir 1932
445-The Wedding Of The Birds
446-There Ain't No Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears
447-There'll Come A Time 1927
448-There's A Small Hotel 1936
449-There's An Old Spinning Wheel In The Parlor (V=Jack Fulton) 1933
450-There's An Orange Grove In California
451-There's Yes, Yes, in Your Eyes
452-They Call It Dancing 1922
453-Three Blind Mice (V=Connee Boswell) 1944
454-Three O'Clock In The Morning
455-Three On A Match (V=Red McKenzie) 1932
456-Three Shades of Blue Pt 1 1928
457-Three Shades of Blue Pt 2 1928
458-Tico Tico 1944
459-Tiger Rag
460-Till We Meet Again (V=Gracy Fields) 1943
461-Together 1928
462-Tragedy (V=Mildred Bailey)
463-Trav'lin' Light 1942
464-Tricks 1922
465-Turn Back The Clock (V=Ramona Davies) 1933
466-Ukelaly Lady
467-Upside Down (V=Lee Wiley) 1934
469-Victory Polka (V=Dinah Shore) 1943
470-Vramona, Lets Put Out The Lights
471-Wa Wa Wa
472-Wagon Wheels (V=Bob Lawrence) 1934
473-Waiting At The End Of The Road (Irving Berlin) 1929
474-Waltzes 1934
475-Wang Wang Blues 1921
476-Was That The Human Thing To Do (V=Boswell Sisters) 1935
477-Washboard Blues (V=Rhythm Boys) 1927
478-Way Down Yonder in New Orleans 1923
479-We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye (V=Mildred Bailey) 1932
480-We've Got Our Love To Keep Us Warm

481-Wedding Of The Birds
482-Weep No More My Mammy
483-Western Comedy (V=Peggy Healy) 1934
484-What Are You Waiting For Mary
485-What D'Ya Say 1928
486-What Will I Do 1924
487-What's The Name Of That Song 1936
488-When 1928
489-When Buddha Smiles 1921
490-When Day is Done
491-When I Was The Girl on the bike (V=Ramona Davies, Roy Bargy) 1933
492-When It's Sleepy Time Down South (V=Mildred Bailey) 1931
493-When My Dreams Come True 1929
494-When The One You Love, Loves You 1924
495-When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along 1926
496-When They Ask About You 1944
497-When You're Counting The Stars Alone (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
498-Where The Dreamy Wabash Flows 1924
499-Where The Rainbow Ends
500-While A Cigarette Was Burning 1938
501-Whispering 1920
503-Who 1934
504-Who Walks In When I Walk Out (V=Ramona Davies) 1934
505-Whose Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf 1934
506-Why Did I Kiss That Girl (V=Billy Murray) 1924
507-Why Do You Roll Those Eyes? 1926
508-Wiffenpoof Song (V=Rudy Vallee, The Kings Men) 1943
509-Wild Cat 1933
510-Willow Weep For Me (V=Jack Fulton) 1932
511-Without A Song (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
512-You Brought A New Kind Of Love (V=Bing Crosby) 1930
513-You Excite Me 1933
514-You Have Taken My Heart (V=Jack Fulton) 1934
515-You Remind Me Of My Mother
516-You Took Advantage of Me (V=Bing Crosby) 1928
517-You're An Old Smoothie (V=Ramona Davies) 1934
518-You're The Swwetest Girl
519-You're The Top
520-Your Mother And Mine 1929