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ヘレン・ヒュームズ集 (Helen Humes Collection) 53曲

001-Airplane Blues
002-Alligator Blues 1927
003-And The Angels Sing 1939
004-Be Baba Leba
005-Blame It on my Last Affair
006-Blue And Sentimental 1947
007-Blue Prelude
008-Blues Ain't Nothing but a Woman 1962
009-Central Avenue Boogie
010-Cross Eyed Blues 1927
011-Dark Rapture 1938
012-Don't Fall In Love With Me 1948
013-Everybody Does It Now 1927
014-Flippity Flop Flop 1948
015-Free 1948
016-Hard Driving Mama
017-He May Be Your Man
018-He May Be Yours 1950
019-Helen's Advice 1950
020-Home (When Shadows Fall)
021-I Can't Believe You're in Love with Me 1978
022-I Cried for You
023-I Just Refuse To Sing The Blues 1947
024-I'll cover the Waterfront
025-I've Got The Strangest Feeling 1948
026-If I Could Be With You 1950
027-If Papa Has Outside Lovin', Mama Has Outside Lovin' Too
028-It's The Dreamer In Me 1938
029-Jet Propelled Papa 1949
030-Jumpin' On Sugar Hill 1948

031-Loud Talkin' Woman
032-Mad About You 1948
033-Married Man Blues 1948
034-Million Dollar Secret
035-Pleasing Man Blues 1945
036-Race Horse Blues 1927
037-Real Fine Daddy
038-Rock Me To Sleep 1950
039-Sad Feeling 1950
040-Sing For Your Supper
041-Sneaking Around With You
042-Somebody Loves Me 1948
043-Someday My Prince Will Come
044-Song of the Wanderer
045-Suspicious Blues 1944
046-The Very Thought Of You
047-There'll Be Some Changes Made
048-They Raided The Joint
049-This Love Of Mine 1950
050-Time Out For Tears 1948
051-Today I sing the Blues
052-Trouble In Mind
053-Woe is Me