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ベッシー・スミス集 (Bessie Smith Collection) 122曲

001-A Good Man Is Hard To Find 1927
002-After You've Gone 1927
003-Aggravatin' Papa 1923
004-Alexander's Ragtime Band 1927
005-Any Woman's Blues 1923
006-At The Christmas Ball 1925
007-Baby Doll 1926
008-Baby Won't You Please Come Home 1923
009-Back Water Blues 1927
010-Beale Street Mama 1923
011-Bleeding Hearted Blues 1923
012-Boweavil Blues 1924
013-Bye, Bye, Blues 1924
014-Cake Walkin' Babies 1925
015-Careless Love Blues 1925
016-Cemetery Blues 1923
017-Chicago Bound Blues 1923
018-Cold In Hand Blues 1925
019-Devil's Gonna Git You 1928
020-Dixie Flyer Blues 1925
021-Do Your Duty 1933
022-Down Hearted Blues 1923
023-Dyin' By The Hour 1927
024-Dying Gambler's Blues 1924
025-Easy Come Easy Go Blues 1924
026-Eavesdropper Blues 1924
027-Empty Bed Blues Part.1 1928
028-Empty Bed Blues Part.2 1928
029-Farewell Baby Blues 1929
030-Feelin' Tomorrow

031-Florida Bound Blues 1925
032-Follow The Deal On Down 1924
033-Foolish Man Blues 1927
034-Frankie Blues 1924
035-Frosty Mornin' Blues 1924
036-Gimme A Pigfoot 1933
037-Graveyard Dream Blues 1923
038-Gulf Coast Blues 1923
039-Hateful Blues 1924
040-Haunted House Blues 1924
041-He's Gone Blues 1925
042-Homeless Blues 1927
043-Honey Man Blues 1926
044-Hot Springs Blues 1927
045-House Rent Blues 1924
046-Hustlin' Dan 1930
047-I Ain't Got Nobody 1925
048-I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama 1928
049-I Want Every Bit Of It 1926
050-I'd Rather Be Dead And Buried In My Grave 1928
051-I'm Wild About That Thing 1929
052-I've Got What It Takes 1929
053-If You Don't, I Know Who Will 1923
054-It Makes My Love Come Down 1929
055-It Won't Be You 1928
056-J.c.holmes Blues 1925
057-Jail House Blues 1923
058-Jazzbo Brown From Memphis Town 1926
059-Keeps On A Rainin All Time 1923
060-Lady Luck Blues

061-Lock And Key Blues 1927
062-Lonesome Desert Blues 1925
063-Lookin' For My Man Blues 1927
064-Lost Your Head Blues 1926
065-Louisiana Low Down Blues 1924
066-Love Me Daddy Blues 1924
067-Mama's Got The Blues 1923
068-Me And My Gin 1928
069-Mean Old Bed Bug Blues 1927
070-Midnight Blues 1923
071-Mistreatin' Daddy 1923
072-Moonshine Blues 1924
073-Mountain Top Blues 1924
074-Muddy Water (Mississippi Moan)
075-My Man Blues 1925
076-My Sweetie Went Away 1923
077-Nashville Women's Blues 1925
078-New Gulf Coast Blues 1925
079-Nobody In Town Can Bake A Jelly Roll Like My Man 1923
080-Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 1929
081-Nobody's Blues But Mine 1925
082-Oh Daddy Blues 1923
083-On Revival Day 1930
084-One And Two Blues 1926
085-Outside Of That 1923
086-Pickpocket Blues 1928
087-Pinchbacks, Take 'em Away 1924
088-Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind 1928
089-Poor Man's Blues 1928
090-Preachin' The Blues 1927

091-Put It Right Here 1928
092-Rainy Weather Blues 1924
093-Red Mountain Blues 1925
094-Rocking Chair Blues 1924
095-Salt Water Blues 1924
096-Sam Jones' Blues 1923
097-Send Me To The 'lectric Chair 1927
098-Sinful Blues 1924
099-Sing Sing Prison Blues 1924
100-Slow And Easy Man 1928
101-Sobbin' Hearted Blues 1925
102-Sorrowful Blues 1924
103-Spider Man Blues 1928
104-St Louis Blues 1925
105-Standin' In The Rain Blues 1928
106-Sweet Mistreater 1927
107-Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do 1923
108-Take Me For A Buggy Ride 1933
109-Them's Graveyard Words 1927
110-There'll Be A Hot Time In Old Town Tonight 1927
111-Thinking Blues 1928
112-Ticket Agent Easy Your Window Down 1924
113-Trombone Cholly 1927
114-Weeping Willow Blues 1924
115-Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time 1923
116-Woman's Trouble Blues 1924
117-Work House Blues 1924
118-Yes Indeed He Do 1928
119-Yodeling Blues 1923
120-You Ought To Be Ashamed 1928
121-You've Got To Give Me Some 1929
122-Young Woman's Blues 1926