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ガイ・ロンバード集 (Guy Lombardo Collection) 216曲

001-A Cottage For Sale 1930
002-A Fine Romance 1936
003-A Little Kiss Each Morning 1929
004-A Little On The Lonely Side 1944
005-A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 1940
006-A Sailboat In The Moonlight 1937
007-All My Love 1947
008-Alone At A Table For Two 1935
009-Always 1944
010-Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore 1933
011-Anniversary Song 1947
012-April Showers 1947
013-Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart 1952
014-Auld Lang Syne 1939
015-Baby 1928
016-Baby's Birthday Party 1930
017-Beale Street Blues 1942
018-Because Of You 1951
019-Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen 1937
020-Bell Bottom Trousers 1945
021-Blue Tango 1951
022-Boo-hoo 1937
023-Broadway Rhythm 1935
024-By A Waterfall 1933
025-By The River Sainte Marie 1931
026-Can I Forget You? 1937
027-Charmaine! 1927
028-Cheek To Cheek 1935
029-Christmas Island 1948
030-Cinderella, Stay In My Arms 1939

031-Confessin' (That I Love You) 1930
032-Confucius Say 1939
033-Coquette 1928
034-Crazy Heart 1952
035-Crying For The Carolines 1930
036-Dearie 1950
037-Deep Purple 1938
038-Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? 1933
039-Don't Blame Me 1933
040-Down By The River 1935
041-Down By The Station 1949
042-Easter Parade 1947
043-Enjoy Yourself 1949
044-Everything's Been Done Before 1935
045-Everywhere You Go 1949
046-For Me And My Gal 1942
047-Frankie And Johnny 1942
048-Frosty The Snowman 1949
049-Get Out Those Old Records 1950
050-Give Me The Moon Over Brooklyn 1945
051-Go Home And Tell Your Mother 1930
052-Gone With The Wind 1937
053-Goodnight Sweetheart 1931
054-Half As Much 1952
055-Hallelujah, I'm A Bum 1932
056-Harbor Lights 1937
057-Have A Little Faith In Me 1929
058-Hernando's Hideaway 1954
059-High Up On A Hill Top 1928
060-Hop-scotch Polka (Scotch Hot) 1949

061-How Deep Is The Ocean? 1932
062-How Do I Know It's Sunday? 1934
063-Humoresque 1944
064-I Can't Lose That Longing For You 1937
065-I Get The Blues When It Rains 1929
066-I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan 1932
067-I Know Now 1937
068-I Must See Annie Tonight 1938
069-I See Your Face Before Me 1937
070-I Still Get A Thrill 1930
071-I Ups To Her And She Ups To Me 1938
072-I Wonder, I Wonder
073-I'd Be Lost Without You 1946
074-I'll Never Be The Same 1932
075-I'm My Own Grandpaw
076-I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket 1936
077-I'm Sittin' High On A Hill Top 1935
078-I'm Sorry For Myself 1939
079-I'm Sure Of Everything But You 1932
080-If 1950
081-In An 18th Century Drawing Room 1939
082-In My Little Red Book 1938
083-Inka Dinka Doo 1933
084-Intermezzo 1941
085-It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane 1937
086-It's A Lonely Trail 1938
087-It's Easier Said Than Done 1938
088-It's Love love love 1944
089-Japansy 1928
090-John, John, John 1953

091-Johnny Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland 1942
092-June In January 1935
093-June Is Bustin' Out All Over 1945
094-Just A Little Home For The Old Folks 1932
095-Kiss Of Fire 1952
096-Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long 1932
097-Lazy Lou'siana Moon 1930
098-Let's Sail To Dreamland 1938
099-Little Dutch Mill 1934
100-Little Sir Echo 1939
101-Long Ago (and Far Away) 1944
102-Lost 1936
103-Love In Bloom 1934
104-Love Is The Sweetest Thing 1941
105-Love On A Greyhound Bus 1945
106-Lover 1933
107-Ma! I Miss Your Apple Pie 1941
108-Managua, Nicaragua 1946
109-Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis 1945
110-Merry Christmas Polka 1949
111-Merry-go-round Waltz 1949
112-Moonlight And Roses 1941
113-Moonlight Saving Time 1931
114-My Extraordinary Gal 1932
115-My Gal Sal 1941
116-My Heart Sings (All Of A Sudden)
117-My Old Flame 1934
118-Need You 1949
119-Night On The Water 1933
120-No Can Do 1945

121-Nola 1950
122-Notre Dame Medley 1940
123-Now I Lay Me Down To Dream 1940
124-Now That You're Gone 1931
125-Oh! Moytle 1945
126-Our Little Ranch House 1950
127-Paradise 1932
128-Penny Serenade 1939
129-Pink Elephants 1932
130-Poor Little Rhode Island 1945
131-Puleeze Mister Hemingway
132-Rainbow On The River 1937
133-Red Roses For A Blue Lady
134-Red Sails In The Sunset
135-Riptide 1934
136-River, Stay Away From My Door 1931
137-Sail Boat In The Sky 1941
138-Seein' Is Believin' 1935
139-Seems Like Old Times 1946
140-September In The Rain 1937
141-Shadow Waltz 1933
142-Sharing (My Love For You) 1932
143-Shoo - Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy 1945
144-Singin' In The Bathtub 1929
145-Singin' In The Rain
146-Singing A Song To The Stars 1930
147-So Little Time 1938
148-So Rare 1937
149-South American Way 1939
150-South Of The Border (down Mixico Way) 1939

151-Speak Low
152-St. Louis Blues 1939
153-Stars Fell On Alabama 1934
154-Stars In Your Eyes 1945
155-Stay As Sweet As You Are 1934
156-Stormy Weather 1933
157-Street Of Dreams 1932
158-Sweet And Lovely 1931
159-Sweetheart, Let's Grow Old Together 1936
160-Sweethearts On Parade 1928
161-Swingin' In A Hammock 1930
162-Symphony 1946
163-Take It Easy 1943
164-Tennessee Waltz
165-That Old Feeling 1937
166-The Band Played On 1941
167-The Blue Skirt Waltz 1949
168-The Broken Record 1935
169-The Cannon Ball 1928
170-The Chicken Song 1950
171-The Chocolate Choo-choo
172-The Echo Said No 1947
173-The Folks Who Live On The Hill 1937
174-The Four Winds And The Seven Seas 1949
175-The Girl Friend Of The Whirling Dervish 1938
176-The Last Round up 1933
177-The Love Bug Will Bite You 1937
178-The Moon Fell In The River 1941
179-The Petite Waltz 1950
180-The Sweetest Music This Side Of Heaven 1934

181-The Third Man Theme 1949
182-The Trolley Song 1944
183-The Way You Look Tonight 1936
184-The Wedding Samba 1949
185-This Time It's Love 1933
186-Thoughtless 1948
187-Ti-pi-tin 1938
188-Time To Go 1933
189-Together 1944
190-Too Many Tears 1932
191-Two Bouquets 1938
192-Under A Texas Moon 1929
193-Velvet Lips 1950
194-We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye 1932
195-We'll Meet Again 1941
196-What's The Reason 1935
197-When Did You Leave Heaven 1936
198-When My Dream Boat Comes Home 1936
199-When The Mighty Organ Played "Oh Promise Me" 1937
200-When You Wish Upon A Star 1940

201-Where Or When 1942
202-Where The Shy Little Violets Grow 1928
203-Whistling In The Dark 1931
204-Why Did You? 1929
205-Winter Wonderland 1946
206-Wish You Were Here 1952
207-With You 1930
208-Without That Gal! 1931
209-Would There Be Love? 1935
210-You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming 1937
211-You Do The Darndest Things, Baby 1936
212-You Try Somebody Else 1931
213-You'll Never Get Up To Heaven That Way 1933
214-You're Driving Me Crazy! 1930
215-You're The Sweetest Girl This Side Of Heaven 1930
216-Yours With Love And Kisses