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ビックス・バイダーベック集 (Bix Beiderbecke Collection) 97曲

001-A Good Man Is Hard To Find
002-Alabammy Snow (Mason Dixon Orch)
003-At The Jazz Band Ball 1927
004-Baby Won't You Please Come Home (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1929
005-Barnacle Bill The Sailor (Hoagy Carmichael Orch) 1930
006-Basin Street Blues 1928
007-Bessie Couldn't Help It (Hoagy Carmichael Orch) 1930
008-Black Bottom Stomp
009-Blue River (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1927
010-Borneo (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1928
011-Candlelights 1938
012-Chicago blues 1925
013-Clarinet Marmalade (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1927
014-Clementine From New Orleans (Jean Goldkette Orch) 1927
017-Cornet shop Suey 1926
018-Cryin' All Day (F.Trumbauer Orch)
019-Davenport Blues (Bunny Berigan Orch) 1938
020-Davenport Blues (Tbn=Tommy Dorsey) 1925
021-Dear Old Southland 1930
022-Deep Down South 1930
023-Dusky Stevedore
024-Fidgety Feet
025-Flashes (Bunny Berigan Orch) 1938
026-Flock O' blues 1925
028-For No Reason at All in C 1927
029-Goose Pimples
030-Hoosier Sweetheart

031-Hot Mittens 1924
032-Hotter than that 1927
033-Humpty Dumpty 1927
034-I Don't Mind Walking In The Rain 1930
035-I Like That (F.Trumbauer Orch)
036-I Need Some Pettin' (The Wolverine Orch) 1924
037-I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure 1930
038-I'll Be Your Friend (Gene Krupa drums)
039-I'm Comin' Virginia
040-I'm Glad 1924
041-I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now (Jean Goldkette Orch) 1927
042-I'm More Than Satisfied (The Deep River Boys)
043-I'm Wonderin' Who 1927
044-Idolizing (Jean Goldkette Orch) 1926
045-In A Mist (Bunny Berigan Orch) 1938
046-In The Dark (Bunny Berigan Orch) 1938
047-Jazz Me Blues 1927
048-Just An Hour Of Love 1927
049-Krazy Kat (F.Trumbauer Orch)
050-Lazy Daddy (The Wolverine Orch) 1924
051-Lila (F.Trumbauer Orch)
052-Lonely Melody
053-Louisiana 1928
054-Maple Leaf Rag
056-Mary 1926 (V=Bing Crosby,Paul Whiteman)
057-Mississippi Mud (V=Bing Crosby)
058-Mobile Blues 1924
059-My Pet (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1928
060-No One Else But You 1928

061-Oh Baby 1924
062-Ostrich Walk (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1927
063-Rhythm King 1928
064-Riverboat Shuffle (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1927
065-Rockin' Chair (Hoagy Carmichael Orch)
066-Royal Garden Blues 1927
067-Savoy blues 1927
068-Sensation 1924
069-Sentimental Baby (V=Frankie Trumbauer)
070-Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down 1927
071-Singin' The Blues Till My Daddy Comes Home (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1927
072-Singing The Blues
073-Slow River (Jean Goldkette Orch) 1927
074-Somebody Stole My Gal
075-Someday, Sweetheart (The Bucktown Five)
077-Sunday (Jean Goldkette Orch) 1926
078-Susie 1924
079-Take Your Tomorrow (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1928
080-The Jazz Me Blues 1927

081-There Ain't No Land Like Dixie
082-There Ain't No Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears (V=Bing Crosby) 1929
083-There's A Cradle In Caroline (V=Irving Kaufman) 1927
084-Thou Swell
085-Three Blind Mice 1927
086-Tiger rag (The Wolverine Orch)
087-Till My Daddy Comes Home (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1927
088-Toddlin' Blues 1925
089-Totsy (Jack Teagarden & Joe Venuti)
090-Trumbology 1927
091-Wa-da-da (Everybody's Doin' It Now) 1928
092-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (F.Trumbauer Orch) 1927
093-What A Day 1929
094-When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
095-Why do I love you
096-Wolverine Blues
097-Wringin' And Twistin' 1927