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レイ・ノーブル楽団集 (Ray Noble Orchestra Collection) 232曲

001-A Beautiful Lady In Blue 1936
002-A Bedtime Story 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
003-A Couple Of Fools In Love 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
004-A Faded Summer Love 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
005-A Foggy Day 1937 (V=Fred Astaire)
006-A Letter To My Mother 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
007-A Little Kiss Each Morning (V=Al Bowlly)
008-A Little White Gardenia 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
009-A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 1941
010-After All You're All I'm After 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
011-All I do is dream of you 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
012-All Over Italy 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
013-Amore (V=Anita Newton)
014-An Hour Ago This Minute
015-And So Goodbye 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
016-Beat Of My Heart 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
017-Beautiful Lady In Blue (V=Al Bowlly)
018-Belle Of Barcelona 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
019-Beside A Dutch Canal 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
020-Big Chief De Sota (V=Al Bowlly) 1936
021-Blazin' The Trail (V=Al Bowlly)
022-Blue Moon 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
023-Blue Prelude 1933 (V=Paul Roberson)
024-Blues In My Heart 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
025-Bonjour, Mam'selle (V=Al Bowlly)
026-Brighter Than The Sun 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
027-Bugle Call Rag 1935
028-But Definitely 1936 (V=Al Bowlly)
029-Butterflies in the Rain (V=Al Bowlly)
030-By The Fireside 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)

031-By The Light Of The Silv'ry Moon 1944
032-California Here I Come 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
033-Can't We Meet Again (V=Al Bowlly)
034-Change Partners 1938 (V=Fred astaire)
035-Cherokee ver1
036-Cherokee ver2
037-Chinatown, My Chinatown 1935
038-Close Your Eyes 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
039-Clouds (V=Al Bowlly)
040-Couple Of Fools In Love 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
041-Crazy Rythm 1938
042-Damfino Name-1 1937
043-Damfino Name-2 1937
044-Deep Hollow 1929
045-Did you Ever See A Dream Walking (V=Al Bowlly)
046-Die Eensaam Weg,The Lonesome Road 1930 (V=Al Bowlly)
047-Dinah 1935
048-Dinner for one please james (V=Al Bowlly)
049-Dipsy Doodle 1938
051-Double Trouble 1935 (V=Freshmen)
052-Down By The River (V=Al Bowlly) 1935
053-Dreaming A Dream (V=Al Bowlly)
054-Dreams That Don't Grow Old 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
055-Dreamy Serenade 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
056-Driftin' Tide 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
057-Easy To Love 1935
058-El Relicario 1935
059-Everything's Been Done Before 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
060-Experiment 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)

061-Fair And Warmer (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
062-Footprints in the snow
063-Freckle Face, You're Beautiful 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
064-Full Moon And Empty Arms 1945
065-Good Evening 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
066-Goodnight Little Girl Of My Dreams 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
067-Goodnight Sweetheart 1931ver (V=Al Bowlly)
068-Goodnight Vienna 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
069-Got A Date With An Angel 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
070-Grinzing 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
071-Guilty 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
072-Gypsy Fiddles 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
073-Hand In Hand 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
074-Hang Out The Stars In Indiana (V=Al Bowlly)
075-Happy 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
076-Happy And Contended 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
077-Harlem Nocturne 1940
078-Haunted House 1931
079-Have You Ever Been Lonely 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
080-Hiawatha's Lullaby 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
081-Hold Me (V=Al Bowlly)
082-Hold My Hand 1931
083-How Are Things In Glocca Morra (V=Buddy Clark)
084-How Could I Be Lonely 1930 (V=Al Bowlly)
085-I Built A Dream One Day 1936
086-I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
087-I Hadn't Anyone Till You (V=Tony Martin)
088-I Know Now 1938
089-I Love You Truly 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
090-I Never Had A Chance To (V=Al Bowlly)

091-I Only Want One Girl 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
092-I Shall Still Keep Smiling Along 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
093-I Used To Be Colour Blind (V=Fred Astaire)
094-I Was True 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
095-I Wished On The Moon 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
096-I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now 1947
097-I'll Be Arround (V=Anita Ellis)
098-I'll Dance At Your Wedding 1948
099-I'll Do My Best to Make You Happy 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
100-I'll Follow My Secret Heart 1934
101-I'll Forsake All Others (V=Al Bowlly)
102-I'll String Along with You 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
103-I'm Glad I Waited 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
104-I'm Misunderstood 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
105-I'm Saving The Last Waltz For You 1938 (V=Al Bowlly)
106-I'm Telling The World She's Mine 1930 (V=Al Bowlly)
107-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 1937
108-I've Got You Under My Skin 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
109-If You'll Say Yes, Cherie 1933
110-In A Little Gypsy Tea Room 1936
111-Is It Possible? 1939
112-Isle Of Capri 1934
113-It's A Most Unusual Day 1948
114-It's All Forgotten Now (V=Al Bowlly)
115-It's Bad For Me 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
116-It's Great To Be In Love (V=Al Bowlly)
117-It's Just a Little Street Where Old Friends Meet 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
118-June time is love time 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
119-Lady In Blue (V=Al Bowlly)
120-Lady Of Spain 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)

121-Lazy Day 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
122-Let Yourself Go 1936
123-Let's Call A Heart A Heart
124-Let's Face The Music (V=Fred Astaire)
125-Let's Spill The Beans 1935
126-Let's Swing It 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
127-Lights Of Paris 1932
128-Linda 1947
129-Little Dutch Mill (V=Al Bowlly)
130-Little Old Lady 1935
131-Living In Clover 1932
132-Look What You've Done 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
133-Looking on the Bright Side of Life 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
134-Louisiana Purchase 1940
135-Love Is the Sweetest Thing 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
136-Love Locked Out 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
137-Love Tales 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
138-Lullaby Of Broadway 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
139-Lying In The Hay 1933
140-Mad About The Boy 1935
141-Mad Dogs And Englishmen 1932 (V=Noel Coward)
142-Maybe I Love You Too Much 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
143-Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
144-Midnight, the Stars and You (V=Al Bowlly)
145-More Than You Know
146-My Hat's On The Side Of My Head 1934
147-My Melancholy Baby (V=Al Bowlly)
148-My Walking Stick 1938
149-Nice Work If You Can Get It (V=Fred Astaire)
150-Now (V=Al Bowlly)

151-Now It Can Be Told (V=Tony Martin) 1938
152-Oceans Of Time 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
153-Oh You Nasty Man
154-Old Covered Bridge Hill 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
155-On A Steamer Coming Over 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
156-One Little Quarrel (V=Al Bowlly)
157-One Morning In May 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
158-Over My Shoulder (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
159-Paris In The Spring 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
160-Peer Gynt Suite 1939
161-Pied Piper Of Hamblin 1931
162-Please (V=Al Bowlly)
163-Please Don't Mention It 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
164-Poor Me Poor You 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
165-Remember Me 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
166-Repeal The Blues-with the Three Ginx 1934
167-Rhythm Is Our Business 1935
168-Roll Up The Carpet (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
169-Rosalie 1938 (V=Al Bowlly)
170-Sailin' On The Robert E Lee (V=Al Bowlly)
171-Seven Years With The Wrong Woman 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
172-Shortnin' Bread 1933 (V=Paul Robeson)
173-Shout For Happiness (V=Al Bowlly)
174-Show Closing,Goodnight Sweetheart 1938
175-Sing As We Go 1934 (V=Al Bowlly)
177-Slumming On Park Avenue 1937
179-Song Without Words (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
180-St. Louis Blues (V=Al Bowlly)

181-Standing On The Corner 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
182-Stay On The Right Side Of The Road 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
183-Suspicion 1948
184-Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart 1945
185-Sweet Sue, Just You
186-That Old Feeling 1937 (V=Tony Martin)
187-That's What Life Is Made Of 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
188-The Moment I Saw You 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
189-The Moon Of Manakoora 1938
190-The Old Spinning Wheel 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
191-The Piccolino 1935
192-The Prisoner's song 1930 (V=Al Bowlly)
193-The Touch Of Your Lips 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
194-The Very Thought of You (V=Al Bowlly)
195-The Younger Generation (V=Al Bowlly)
196-There's A Ring Around The Moon 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
197-There's Something in the Air 1936 (V=Al Bowlly)
198-Things Are Looking Up (V=Fred Astaire) 1937
199-This Is The Day Of Days 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
200-This Little Piggy Went To Market 1934
201-Three Wishes 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
202-Tiger Rag
203-Time On My Hands 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
204-Top Hat, White Tie And Tails 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
205-Velia 1938
206-Veni Veni 1938
207-Way Back Home
208-way Down Yonder In New Orleans 1935
209-We Saw The Sea 1936
210-What A Perfect Combination 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)

211-What More Can I Ask 1932
212-Wheezy Anna 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
213-When Day Is Done 1938 (V=Joe Morrison)
214-When I'm With You 1936
215-When My Little Pomeranian Met Your Little Pekinese 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
216-When You Were The Girl On The Scooter 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
217-When You've Fallen In Love 1933 (V=Al Bowlly)
218-When You've Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart (V=Al Bowlly) 1934
219-Where Am I (V=Al Bowlly) 1935
220-Where Are You,Girl Of My Dreams 1932
221-Whispers In The Dark 1938 (V=Joe Morrison
222-Who Walks in when I walk out 1934
223-Why Be So Unkind To Me 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
224-Why Dream? (V=Al Bowlly) 1935
225-With All My heart 1935 (V=Al Bowlly)
226-With All My Love And Kisses 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
227-You Couldn't Be Cuter (V=Tony Martin)
228-You Oughta See Sally On Sunday (V=Al Bowlly) 1933
229-You, Just You 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
230-You're More Than All The World To Me 1932 (V=Al Bowlly)
231-You're Twice As Nice 1931 (V=Al Bowlly)
232-Yours Truly Is Truly Yours 1936 (V=Al Bowlly)