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ビリー・エクスタイン集 (Billy Eckstine Collection) 101曲

001-A Cottage For Sale 1945
002-All I Sing Is The Blues 1945
003-All Of Me 1947
004-All The Things You Are 1946
005-Ann 1940
006-Be My Love From Toast Of New Orleans
007-Bewildered (Hugo Winterhalter Orch) 1949
008-Bitter With The Sweet 1956
009-Blue 1946
010-Blue Because Of You (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
011-Blue Moon (Hugo Winterhalter Orch) 1949
012-Blues, The Mother Of Sin (Count Basie Orch) 1959
013-Body And Soul (Buddy Baker Orch) 1949
014-Caravan (Hugo Winterhalter Orch) 1949
015-Comin' In Home (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
016-Cool Breeze 1946
017-Coquette 1953
018-Deep Forest (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
019-Don't Cry Baby (Count Basie Orch) 1959
020-Don't Get Around Much Anymore
021-Don't Take Your Love From Me 1946
022-Drifting (Count Basie Orch) 1959
023-Easy Rhythm (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
024-Everything Depends On You (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
025-Everything I Have Is Yours 1947
026-Fools Rush In 1947
027-Good Jelly Blues
028-I Apologize (Pete Rugolo's Orch) 1951
029-I Do, Do You? 1948
030-I Laugh To Keep From Crying 1953

031-I Left My Hat In Haiti 1951
032-I Love The Loveliness 1946
033-I Love The Rhythm In A Riff 1945
034-I Only Have Eyes For You 1946
035-I Surrender, Dear 1948
036-I Wanna Be Loved (Russell Case's Orch) 1950
037-I Want A Little Girl (Count Basie Orch) 1959
038-I'll Be Faithful 1947
039-I'll Never Make The Same Mistake Again
040-I'm Falling For You (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
041-I'm In The Mood For Love 1945
042-I'm Out To Forget Tonight 1947
043-If 1951
044-In A Sentimental Mood 1946
045-In My Solitude 1947
046-In Swamp Lands (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
047-In The Still Of The Night 1946
048-Intrigue (Hugo Winterhalter Orch) 1948
049-It Ain't Like That 1945
050-Jelly Jelly (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
051-Just An Old Love Of Mine 1947
052-Kiss Of Fire (Nelson Riddle Orch) 1952
053-Last Night 1945
054-Little Mama (Count Basie Orch) 1959
055-Lonesome Lover Blues (Count Basie Orch) 1959
056-Long, Long Journey 1945
057-Lost In Loveliness 1954
058-Love Is The Thing 1946
059-Love Me Or Leave Me
060-My Deep Blue Dream 1945

061-My Foolish Heart (Russell Case's Orch) 1950
062-My Heart Beats For You (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
063-My Silent Love 1946
064-Number 19 (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
065-On The Boulevard Of Memories
066-One For My Baby
067-Only you (Pied Pipers) 1955
068-Oo Bop Sh' Bam 1946
069-Out In The Cold Again
070-Piano Man (Count Basie Orch.) 1959
071-Prisoner Of Love 1945
072-Say It Isn't So 1948
073-Second Balcony Jump 1946
074-Send My Baby Back To Me (Nelson Riddle Orch) 1953
075-Serenade In Blue
076-She's Got The Blues For Sale 1947
077-Sitting By The Window (Russell Case's Orch) 1950
078-Skylark (Earl Hines Orch) 1942
079-Somehow 1949
080-Someone To Watch Over Me

081-Song Of The Wanderer (Count Basie Orch) 1959
082-Sophisticated Lady
083-St Louis Blues (Metronome All-stars) 1953
084-Stormy Monday (Count Basie Orch) 1959
085-Tantalizing A Cuban (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
086-Tell Me Pretty Baby 1946
088-The Real Thing Happened To Me
089-The Wildest Gal In Town (Hugo Winterhalter Orch)
090-There Are Such Things 1948
091-This Is The Inside Story 1947
092-Time On My Hands 1946
093-Topsy-Turvy (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
094-Trav'lin' All Alone (Count Basie Orch) 1959
095-Wait 'til It Happens To You (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
096-What's New 1947
097-Without A Song 1946
098-You Call It Madness 1945
099-You Can Depend On Me (Earl Hines Orch) 1940
100-You're All I Need (Sarah Vaughan)
101-You're My Everything 1946