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Original Dixieland Jass Band Collection 48曲

001-Alexander's Rag Time Band
002-Alice Blue Gown 1920
003-At The Jazz Band Ball 1918
004-Barnyard Blues
005-Bow Wow Blues (My Mama Treats Me Like A Dog) 1922
006-Broadway Rose 1920
007-Clarinet Marmalade Blues 1918
008-Corporate Lies
009-Crazy Blues 1921
010-Darktown Strutters Ball 1917
011-Dixieland Jass Band - One Step 1917
012-Down In Old New Orleans
013-Fidgety Feet 1918
014-Firehouse Five Plus 2
015-Georgia Swing
016-Good-Bye Alexander 1918
017-Hold That Tiger 1917
018-Home Again Blues 1921
019-Home In Pasadena 1924
020-I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 1920

021-I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now 1920
022-I've Lost My Heart In Dixieland 1920
024-Jazz Me Blues 1921
025-lasses Candy
026-Lazy Daddy 1918
027-Livery Stable Blues 1917
028-Look At 'em Doing It 1919
029-Mammy O' Mine 1920
030-Margie - Singin' The Blues 1920
031-Mournin' Blues 1918
032-My Baby's Arms 1920
033-Ostrich W Alk
034-Palesteena 1920
035-Ringtail Blues
036-Royal Garden Blues 1921
037-Satanic Blues 1919
038-Sensation Rag
039-Skeleton Jangle 1918
040-Slide Kelly Slide 1919
041-Some Of These Days 1923
042-Soudan 1920
043-Sphinx 1920
044-St Louis Blues 1921
045-Sweet Mama - Papa's Getting Mad 1920
046-Tell Me 1920
047-That's Got 'Em 1919
048-Tiger Rag 1918