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ベニー・ゴルソン集 (Benny Golson Collection) 37曲

001-Along Came Manon (Art Blakey) 1959
002-Are You Real? 1958
003-B. G.'s Holiday 1957
004-Blues It 1957
005-Blues March For Europe (Art Blakey) 1959
006-Blues On Down 1957
007-Bob Hurd's Blues 1959
008-Cry A Blue Tear 1958
009-Darn That Dream (Art Farmer Quintet) 1958
010-Evidence (Art Blakey) 1959
011-Fair Weather (Art Farmer Quintet) 1958
012-Hymn To The Orient 1957
013-I Didn't Know What Time It Was 1959
014-I Love You (Art Farmer Quintet) 1958
015-Isle Of Capri 1957
016-Jubilation 1958
017-Like Someone In Love (Art Blakey) 1958
018-Little Niles (Oscar Pettiford) 1957
019-Moanin' With Hazel (Art Blakey) 1958
020-Mox Nix (Art Farmer Quintet) 1958

021-My Blues House 1959
022-Namely You 1957
023-Out Of The Past 1957
024-Reunion 1957
025-Something In B Flat 1957
026-Somewhere (Oscar Pettiford) 1957
027-Strut Time 1958
028-Symptoms 1958
029-The First Theme (Art Blakey) 1958
030-The Stroller 1959
031-The Touch Of Your Lips (Art Farmer Quintet) 1958
032-This Night 1958
033-Tippin' On Through 1959
034-Venetian Breeze 1957
035-Whisper Not (Art Blakey) 1958
036-Yesterdays 1959
037-You're Mine, You 1957