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エディー・デューチン集 (Eddy Duchin Collection) 87曲

001-A Melody From The Sky (V=Pete Woolery) 1936
002-After Sundown 1933
003-After You Who 1932
004-An Orchid To You (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933
005-Anything Can Happen 1936
006-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
008-Cheek To Cheek (V=Lew Sherwood) 1935
009-Chopin Nocturne No. 2 In E Flat
011-Comes Love (V=Durelle Alexander) 1939
012-Dames 1934
014-Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933
015-Dizzy Fingers
016-Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933
017-Down Argentina Way 1940
018-Down In Coronado By The Sea (V=Jack Healey)
019-Dream Awhile (V=Lew Sherwood) 1936
020-Dust On The Moon (V=Lew Sherwood) 1934
021-Easy Come Easy Go (V=Demarco Sisters) 1934
022-Embraceable You
023-Far Away Places
024-Flirtation Walk
025-Get Out Of Town 1939
026-Haunting Me (V=Lew Sherwood) 1935
027-Heart And Soul (V=Stanley Worth) 1938
028-Hold Me (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933
029-How Can We Be Wrong? (V=Stanley Worth) 1938
030-I Can't Remember (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933

031-I Cover The Waterfront (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933
032-I Give You My Word (V=June Robbing) 1941
033-I Go For That (V=Stanley Worth) 1939
034-I Never Had A Chance 1934
035-I Only Have Eyes For You (V=Lew Sherwood) 1934
036-I Won't Dance (V=Lew Sherwood) 1935
037-I'll Sing You A Thousand Love Songs (V=Lew Sherwood) 1936
038-I'll Take Manhattan
039-I'm Building Up To An Awful Let-down 1936
040-I've Got A Feeling You're Falling
041-Ill Wind (V=Harold Arlen) 1934
042-Isn't It Heavenly (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933
043-It All Comes Back To Me Now (V=June Robbing) 1941
044-It's A Hap, Hap, Happy Day 1940
045-It's De-lovely (V=Lew Sherwood) 1936
046-Just One Of Those Things
047-Let's Fall In Love (V=Lew Sherwood) 1934
048-Lights Out (V=Lew Sherwood) 1936
049-Love And Learn (V=Lew Sherwood) 1937
050-Lovely To Look At (V=Lew Sherwood) 1935
052-Lullaby Of The Leaves (V=Sylvia Froos)
053-May I (V=Lew Sherwood) 1934
054-Melancholly Baby
055-Moon Over Miami (V=Lew Sherwood) 1936
056-Moonlight And Shadows (V=Lew Sherwood) 1937
057-My Heart Belongs To Daddy (V=Mary Martin) 1939
058-My Twilight Dream 1940
059-Night And Day 1933
060-Noche Y Dia

061-Now You've Got Me Worryin' For You (V=Lew Sherwood) 1932
062-Ol' Man Mose
063-One Night of Love
064-Pennies From Heaven (V=Lew Sherwood) 1937
065-Seal It With A Kiss
066-She Reminds Me Of You (V=Lew Sherwood) 1934
067-Smarty Pants (V=Carolyn Horton) 1939
068-Snuggled On Your Shoulder (V=Lew Sherwood) 1932
069-So You're The One (V=June Robbing) 1941
070-Southwind 1936
071-Take My Heart (V=Lew Sherwood) 1936
072-That Moment of Moments (V=Lew Sherwood) 1936
073-The Merry-go-round Broke Down (V=Lew Sherwood) 1937
074-The Night Before Christmas (V=Stanley Worth) 1938
075-The Parade Of The Little White Mice (V=Three Earbenders) 1939
076-The Way You Look Tonight 1940
077-This Little Piggy Went To Market (V=Lew Sherwood) 1934
078-To Love Again
079-Too Marvelous For Words
080-Trouble In Paradise (V=Lew Sherwood) 1933
081-Two Dreams Met (V=Johnny Drake) 1940
083-Why Do I Dream Those Dream (V=Lew Sherwood) 1934
084-You Are My Lucky Star (V=Lew Sherwood) 1935
085-You Walk By 1940
086-You're All I Need (V=Lew Sherwood) 1935
087-You're My Everything