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アイシャム・ジョーンズ楽団集 (Isham Jones And His Orchestra) 158曲

001-Afraid Of You
003-At Peace With The World 1926
005-Black Magic 1934
006-Blue Lament (Cry For Me) 1934
007-Blue Prelude 1932
008-Broken Hearted Melody 1922
009-California, Here I Come (V=Al Jolson) 1924
010-Charleston 1926
011-China Boy 1934
012-Dallas Blues 1934
013-Damfino Name
014-Damfino Name (Acoustic)
015-Darkness on the Delta
016-Darling (V=Woody Herman) 1935
017-Don't Mention Love To Me (V=Eddy Stone) 1935
018-Don't Tell Her What Happened To Me (V=Eddy Stone) 1930
019-Dream A Little Dream Of Me 1931
020-Easy Melody 1923
021-Ev'ry Time I Look At You (V=Woody Herman) 1936
022-Everyone Says ''I Love You'' (V=Eddie Stone) 1932
023-Farewell Blues 1923
024-Feedin' The Kitty 1924
025-Feeling That Way (V=Frank Sylvano) 1929
026-Foolin Around 1923
027-Fools In Love (V=Billy Scott) 1932
028-For All We Know 1934
029-Forgetful blues 1923
030-From Now On 1934

031-Good Evenin' 1930
032-Good Night, Sweet Dreams 1931
033-Gotta Getta Girl 1924
034-Happy-go-lucky You And Broken Hearted Me (V=Bing Crosby) 1932
035-Home In Pasadena (V=Al Jolson)
036-I Can't Believe It's True (V=Eddie Stone) 1932
037-I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby
038-I Hate Myself (V=Eddie Stone) 1934
039-I Keep Remembering 1930
040-I Lost My Heart In Monterey 1926
041-I Love You Sunday
042-I Want A New Romance 1934
043-I'll Be Blue, Just Thinking Of You 1930
044-I'll Never Have To Dream Again 1932
045-I'll See You In My Dreams 1924
046-I'm Just Wild Bout Harry (V=Marion Harris) 1922
047-I'm So Afraid Of You (V=Frank Sylvano) 1931
048-Ida, I Do 1925
049-In My Heart It's You 1930
050-In The Land Of Shady Palm Trees
051-Indian Love Call
052-It Had To Be You 1924
053-It Isn't Fair (V=Rita Smith) 1933
054-It Made You Happy When You Made Me Cry (V=Frank Munn) 1927
058-Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet 1932
059-Just To Remind You (V=Joe Martin)
060-Kismet 1920

061-Lazy Day (V=Bing Crosby) 1932
062-Let Me Linger in Your Arms
063-Let's Try Again (V=Bing Crosby) 1932
064-Life Begins When You're In Love (V=Woody Herman) 1936
065-Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day (V=Eddie Stone) 1934
066-Lonesome Lover (V=Frank Sylvano) 1930
067-Louisville Lady (V=Eddie Stone) 1933
069-Make Believe 1921
070-Mama Loves Papa 1923
072-Miss Hannah (V=Eddy Stone) 1930
073-Mr Radio Man (V=Al Jolson) 1924
074-My Baby Just Cares For Me 1930
075-My Best Girl 1924
076-My Cherry Blossem
077-My Crad like Melody
078-My Honey's Lovin' Arms 1922
079-My Ideal 1931
080-My Love Belongs to Somebody Else (V=Al Jolson) 1924
081-My Mammy 1921
082-My Silent Love (V=Billy Scott) 1932
083-Neighbors 1934
084-Never Again 1924
085-Nina Rosa
086-No Boy Lied
087-No Greater Love (V=Woody Herman) 1936
088-Nobody's Sweetheart 1924
089-Not A Cloud In The Sky (V=Eddy Stone) 1930
090-On The Alamo 1922

091-Other Lips
092-Over Somebody Else's Shoulder (V=Joe Martin) 1934
093-Paddlin' Madalin Home
094-Panama 1934
095-Pasadena (V=Al Jolson) 1924
096-Pilgrim Blues
097-Remember 1925
098-Saddle Your Blues To A Wild Mustang (V=Eddy Stone) 1936
099-Sarah Rose
100-Saw Mill River Road 1923
101-Say It While Dancing 1922
102-Shadows On The Swanee (V=Eddie Stone) 1933
103-Siren Of the Southern Sea 1921
104-Sittin' In The Corner
105-Snuggled On Your Shoulder (V=Frank Sylvano) 1932
106-Soloman And Deliah
107-Some Other Day, Some Other Girl 1924
108-Some Sunny Day
109-Somebody's Wrong 1924
110-Song Of The Blues 1929
111-Spain 1924
112-Stardust 1930
113-Steppin' Out (V=Al Jolson) 1924
114-Stompin' At The Savoy
115-Sweet Dreams
116-Sweet Georgia Brown (V=Bing Crosby) 1932
117-Sweet Jennie Lee! 1930
118-Sweet Sue-Just You 1934
119-Swingin' Down The Lane 1930
120-Tell Me You Love Me

121-Tell Me, Dreamy Eyes 1925
122-Thanks For Everything (V=Joe Martin)
123-That Certain Party
124-That Never To Be Forgotten Night (V=Eddy Stone) 1936
125-The Blue Room 1934
126-The Day I Let You Get Away (V=Woody Herman) 1936
127-The Fuzzy Wuzzy Bird
128-The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else 1923
129-The Original Charleston 1926
130-The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
131-Then I'll Be Tired Of You (V=Joe Martin) 1934
132-There's A Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente 1930
133-There's No Harm In Wishing (V=Eddy Stone)
134-Thinking Of You (V=Arthur Fields) 1926
135-This Time It's Love 1933
136-Those Gentlemen From Georgia 1932
137-Trav'lin' All Alone 1930
138-Trees 1930
139-Trick 1922
140-Wabash Blues 1921

141-Waiting For The Sun To Come Out
142-Waltzing In A Dream (V=Bing Crosby) 1932
143-What Could Be Sweeter 1923
144-What Would Happen To Me (V=Three X Sisters) 1932
145-What'll You Do 1920
146-What's The Use? (V=Van Fleming) 1930
147-When You Walked Out 1923
148-Where Is My Sweetie Hiding 1924
149-Whip-poor-will 1921
150-Who's Sorry Now? 1923
151-Why Can't This Night Go On Forever (V=Frank Hazzard) 1932
152-With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming (V=Joe Martin) 1934
153-Wop Blues (1923
154-You Don't Know What You're Doin' 1931
155-You Got 'Em 1925
156-You're In Kentucky Sure As You're Born 1924
157-You're Just A Dream Come True (V=Frank Sylvano) (1930
158-You're Only A Baby