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レオ・ライスマン樂団集 (Leo Reisman & His Orchestra) 228曲

001-A Love Tale Of lsae Lorraine
002-A Smile Will Go A Long, Long Way 1924
003-A Year From Today 1929
004-Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life 1928
005-Ain't Misbehavin' 1929
006-Alabama Stomp
007-Alone Together 1932
008-Along Came Sweetness
009-And The Big Bad Wolf was Dead
010-Angel Eyes 1927
011-April In Paris 1941
012-As Long As You Live 1934
013-At Dawning 1925
014-Because They All Love You 1924
015-Blue Shadows 1928
016-Bright Eyes 1921
017-Brother, Can You Spare a Dime
018-Brown Eyes-Why Are You Blue? 1925
019-By A Waterfall (V=Arthur Wright) 1933
020-By The Waters Of The Perikonan
021-Bye Bye Blackbird 1926
022-Bygones 1922
023-Can't We Be Friends
024-Can't You Read Between The Lines
025-Cause I Feel Low-down 1928
027-Cheek To Cheek (V=Fred Astaire) 1935
028-Chinese Moon 1926
029-Close Your Eyes 1925
030-Collette (V=Harry Maxfield) 1927

031-Dance Away The Night 1929
032-Dancing Muskateers
033-Do I Love You? 1940
034-Do You Believe In Fairy Tales
035-Doin The Boom Boom (V=L. Levin) 1929
036-Don't Blame Me
037-Down Argentina Way 1940
038-Dream Of Love And You 1926
039-Dreaming Of To-morrow 1925
040-Driftwood 1924
041-Drums In My Heart 1932
042-Easter Parade(V=Clifton Webb) 1933
044-Ferry Boat Serenade 1940
045-Fifty Second Street (52nd St.)
046-Foolin' Time 1928
047-For My Baby
048-For My Sweetheart 1926
049-Fun To Be Fooled 1934
050-Gay Love 1929
051-Give Me A Roll On A Drum
052-Gods Country
053-Happy Days Are Here Again 1929
055-Have A Heart
056-Have You Met Miss Jones? 1937
057-Here You Come With Love
058-Honeymoon Hotel 1933
059-How Do You Do It
060-I Adore You (V=Harry Maxfield) 1927

061-I Bring A Love Song
062-I Built A Dream One Day 1935
063-I Dream Too Much 1936
064-I Feel A Song Comin' On
065-I Get A Kick Out Of You 1935
066-I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' 1935
067-I Never Knew How Wonderful You Were 1926
068-I Remember You From Somewhere
069-I Still Belong To You 1928
070-I Won't Dance 1935
071-I'd Rather Be Right 1937
072-I'll See You Again
073-I'm In A Fog
074-I'm In The Mood For Love 1935
075-I've Got You On My Mind
076-Ich Liebedich
077-Idola 1922
078-Ill Wind (V=Phil Neely) 1934
079-In A Bamboo Garden 1928
080-In A Tent 1923
081-In The Purple Twilight 1925
082-In The Still Of The Night
083-Indian Love Call 1924
084-Is It Possible? 1927
085-Isn't It A Lovely Day? 1935
086-Isn't This A Lovely Day ? 1935
087-It Ain't Necessarily So 1935
088-It Happened
089-It's Been A Long Long Time (V=L.Levin) 1929
090-It's De-lovely 1936

093-Josephita 1929
094-Just A Gigolo 1931
095-Just A Quiet Evening 1937
096-Just Another Dance Mamselle
097-Just Call On Me
098-Katie Went To Haiti
099-Kiddie Cabaret 1929
100-Kind Of A Man
101-Kiss By Kiss
102-Land Of Sleepy Water
103-Lazy Mary (V=Lou Monte)
105-Let It Be Me 1935
106-Likda Like You
109-Lonesome Hours 1922
110-Look What Youve Done To Me
111-Looking For A Needle In A Haystack
112-Lost In A Fog (V=Sally Singer) 1934
113-Louisiana Hayride (V=Arthur Schwartz) 1932
114-Louisiana Lullabye
115-Lovable 1932
116-Lovable Eyes 1922 (V=Arthur Schwartz)
117-Love Bird 1921
118-Love Is Like A Song
119-Love Me Or Leave Me
120-Love Songs Of The Nile (V=Howard Phillips) 1933

121-Love Walked In 1938
122-Lovely To Look At 1935
124-Make It Come True
125-Mia Cara
126-Moanin' Low 1929
127-My Castle In Spain Is A Shack In The Lane 1929
128-My Electric Girl 1923
129-My Little Bunch Of Happiness 1927
130-My Sis And I
131-My Window Of Dreams 1928
132-My Woman
133-New Sun In The Sky (V=Fred Astaire) 1931
134-Night And Day 1932
135-Night On The Desert 1934
136-No Strings (V=Fred Astaire) 1935
137-Not For
138-Now I Lay Me Down To Dream 1940
139-Old Man Sunshine 1928
140-On The Alamo 1929
141-Once In A Lifetime
142-One Day
143-One Heavenly Night
144-Oriental Moon
145-Our Big Love Scene 1934
146-Our Song
147-Paradise 1931

151-Puttin' On The Ritz 1930
153-Raquel 1928
154-Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away (V=Harry Maxfield) 1927
155-Riddle Me This
156-Rollin' Down The River
157-Rosalie 1937
159-Say Oui Cherie 1930
160-Shadows On The Moon 1938
161-She Didn't Say Yes 1932
162-She's Such A Comfort To Me 1930
163-Shoein' The Mare 1934
164-Silver Song Bird 1927
165-Sing Something Simple
166-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1933
167-Smoke Rings 1933
168-Somebody Oughta Be Told 1935
169-Something To Remember You By 1930
170-Speaking Confidentially 1935
171-Stormy Weather (V=Harold Arlen) 1933
172-Supper Time(V=Thelma Nevins) 1933
173-Take It Easy 1935
174-Take It From Me (V=Lee Wiley) 1931
175-Talking To Myself
176-Tamiami Trail 1926
177-Tell Me A Story 1923
178-That Night In Araby
179-The Birth Of The Blues 1926
180-The Clouds I'll Soon Roll By

181-The Continental (You Kiss While You're Dancing) 1934
182-The Moon Of Manakoora
183-The Night Was Made For Love 1931
184-The Only Girl 1924
185-The Piccolino (V=Fred Astaire) 1935
186-The Roses Brought Me You 1926
187-The Sun Is At My Window 1928
188-The Touch Of Your Hand 1933
189-The Wedding Of The Painted Doll 1929
190-The Whisting Boy
191-There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York 1942
192-There's Something In Your Eyes 1932
193-This Is New 1941
194-Through 1929
195-Time On My Hands 1931
196-Tonight Is Mine 1934
197-Tonight Or Never 1931
198-Too Many Tears 1932
199-Too Marvelous For Words 1937
200-Try To Forget 1931
201-Twilight The Stars & You 1925
203-Venetian Isles 1925
204-Wah Hoo 1936
205-We Belong Together 1932
206-We Play Whoops
207-We two
208-Weary 1935
209-What Is This Thing Called Love? 1930
210-What'll You Do? 1927

211-When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain 1931
212-When The Moon Comes Peeping Thru 1927
213-When You Come To The End Of The Day 1929
214-When You Press Your Lips To Mine 1931
215-Whistling For A Kiss 1932
216-White Heat (V=Fred Astaire) 1931
217-Why Was I Born 1929
218-With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming 1934
219-Would There Be Love
220-Yesterdays 1933
221-You And The Night And The Music 1934
222-You Didn't Know The Music
223-You Do Something To Me 1929
224-You Will Remember Vienna 1930
225-You'll Be Mine in Apple Blossom Time (V=Frank Munn) 1931
226-You're A Builder Upper 1934
227-Yours Sincerely 1929
228-Yours Truly Is Truly Yours 1936