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映画 & ミュージカル音楽集 97曲

001-A Foggy Day "踊る騎士" (Alfred Newman's Orch)
002-Angelus "ミュージカル:Sweethearts" (Al Goodman's Orch)
003-Around Th World "八十日間世界一周" (Victor Young Orch)
004-Be Careful, It's My Heart "スイング・ホテル" (Bing Crosby, J.S.Trotter Orch)
005-Be My Love "未公開:Toast Of New Orleans" (Billy Eckstine, Russ Case)
006-Bess, You Is My Woman Now "オペラ:Porgy & Bess" (E. Fitzgerald & L. Armstrong)
007-Cactus Polka "三人の騎士" (Walter Goehr & The Mayfair Orch)
008-Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man "ミュージカル:Showboat" (Helen Morgan, Victor Baravalli)
009-Carmen'' Overture "カルメン" (Alfred Newman's Orch)
010-Clap Yo' Hands "ミュージカル:Oh Kay" (Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra)
011-Coktails For Two "未公開:Rythmes d'amour" (Savoy Hotel Orpheans)
012-Did I Remember "暁の爆撃隊" (Tommy Dorsey Orch)
013-Do Do Do "ミュージカル:Oh Kay" (George Olsen & His Music)
014-Don't Blame Me "ミュージカル:The Strip" (Sarah Vaughan)
015-East Of Eden "エデンの東" (Dick Jacobs Orch)
016-Fifty Second Street "未公開:52nd Street" (Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie)
017-Gypsy Dances "オペラ:Roussalka" (Antal Dorati & London Philharmonich)
018-Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue "未公開:Silver Spurs" (Jo Stafford)
019-Hallelujah "艦隊は踊る" (Red Nichols Orch)
020-Happy Holiday "スイング・ホテル" (Bing Crosby, J.S.Trotter Orch)

021-He's So Unusual "未公開:Sweetie" (Fred Rich Orch)
022-Heaven On Earth "未公開:Glamour" (Savoy Hotel Orpheans)
023-I Didn't Know What Time It Was "ミュージカル:Too Many Girls" (Artie Shaw)
024-I Got It Bad "レビュー:Jump For Joy" (Benny Goodman Orch)
025-I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan "ミュージカル:Little Show" (Rudy Vallee)
026-I Only Have Eyes For You "泥酔夢" (Alfred Newman's Orch)
027-I Poured My Heart Into A Song "未公開:Second Fiddle" (Artie Shaw And His Orch)
028-I'll See You Again "オペラ:Bitter Sweet" (Leo Reisman And His Orch)
029-I've Got Plenty To Be Thankful For "スイング・ホテル" (Bing Crosby, Bob Crosby Orch)
030-I've Got You Under My Skin "夜も昼も" (Artie Shaw And His Orch)
031-Impatience "オペラ:Blossom Time" (Richard Tauber Orch)
032-In the Still of the Night "ミュージカル:Rosalie" (Tommy Dorsey & His Orch)
033-Jeanette And Her Little Wooden Shoes "ミュージカル:Sweethearts" (Al Goodman's Orch)
034-Johnny Concho "未公開:Johnny Concho" (Frank Sinatra)
035-Lazy (Bing Crosby, Bob Crosby Orch) "スイング・ホテル"
036-Let's Start The New Year Right "スイング・ホテル" (Bing Crosby, Bob Crosby Orch)
037-Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries "レビュー:George White's Scandals" (Rudy Vallee)
038-Limelight Theme "ライムライト" (Ron Godwin & His Orch)
039-Long Ago And Far Away "カバーガール" (Alfred Newman's Orch)
040-Love Is A Many Splendored Thing "慕情" (The Four Aces)

041-Lovely To Look At "ロバータ" (Alfred Newman's Orch)
042-Lover, Come Back To Me "未公開:New Moon" (Artie Shaw And His Orch)
043-Lullaby "オペラ:Erminie" (Jessica Dragonette)
044-Make Believe "ミュージカル:Showboat" (Al Goodman's Orch)
045-Moanin' Low "ミュージカル:Little Show" (Lee Morse & Her Bluegrass Boys)
046-My Heart Belongs To Daddy "夜も昼も" (Artie Shaw And His Orch)
047-Nobody Cares If I'm Blue "ブラウンの千両役者" (Lee Morse & Her Bluegrass Boys)
048-Oh What A Beautiful Mornin' "ミュージカル:Oklahoma" (Bing Crosby & Sportsmen)
049-Old Man River "ミュージカル:Showboat" (Ben Webster, Willie Bryant & His Orch)
050-Ole Buttermilk Sky "インディアン渓谷" (Hoagy Carmichael Orch)
051-On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe "未公開:The Harvey Girls" (Bing Crosby)
052-Painting The Clouds With Sunshine "ブロードウェイの黄金時代" (Jean Goldkette Orch)
053-People Will Say We're In Love "ミュージカル:Oklahoma" (Hal Goodman Orch)
054-Que Sera Sera "知りすぎていた男" (doris day)
055-Red Rose "オペラ:Blossom Time" (Richard Tauber Orch)
056-Rosalie "未公開:Rosalie (Artie Shaw And His Orch)
057-Sing You Sinners "未公開:Honey" (Lee Morse & Her Bluegrass Boys)
058-Singin' In The Rain "ハリウッド・レヴィユー" (Cliff Edwards 'ukelele Ike')
059-Slavic Dances "オペラ:Roussalka" (Antal Dorati & London Philharmonic Orch)
060-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes "ミュージカル:Roberta" (Al Goodman's Orch)

061-Softly As In A Morning Sunrise "オペラ:The New Moon" (Al Goodman Orch)
062-Someone To Watch Over Me "ミュージカル:Oh,Kay" (Alfred Newman's Orch)
063-Sometimes I'm Happy "ミュージカル:Hit The Deck" (Anita O'day & Little Band)
064-Song Of Freedom "スイング・ホテル" (Bing Crosby, J.S.Trotter Orch)
065-Speak Low "ミュージカル:One Touch Of Venus" (Guy Lombardo Orch)
066-Street Scene "未公開:Street Scene" (Cellist Ralph Marterie & His Orch)
067-Strike Up the Band "ミュージカル:Strike Up The Band" (Red Nichols & His Orch)
068-Summertime "オペラ:Porgy & Bess" (Robert Russell Bennett's Orch)
069-Symphonie Moderne "未公開:Four Wives" (Freddy Martin's Orch)
070-Tara's Theme "風と共に去りぬ" (Leroy HolmesOrch)
071-The Egg And I "卵と私" (Larry Douglas, Ray Bloch 7)
072-The High And The Mighty "紅の翼" (Perez Prado And His Orchestra)
073-The Man I Love "ミュージカル:Strike Up The Band" (Artie Shaw And His Orch)
074-The Man With The Golden Arm "黄金の腕" (Richard Maltby And His Orch)
075-The Moon Is Low "未公開:Montana Moon" (George Olsen & His Music)
076-The Siamese Cat Song "わんわん物語" (Peggy Lee And Oliver Wallace)
077-The Story Of Three Loves "三つの恋の物語" (Richard Hayman And His Orch)
078-The Surrey With The Fringe On Top "ミュージカル:Oklahoma" (Alfred Drake)
079-The Third Man "第三の男" (Anton Karas)
080-They Didn't Believe Me "ミュージカル:The Girl from Utah" (Alfred Newman's Orch)

081-Thinking Of You "土曜は貴方に" (Dave Terry's Orch)
082-This Is Always "未公開:Three Little Girls in Blue" (Jo Stafford)
083-This Year's Kisses "未公開:On the Avenue" (Benny Goodman Orch)
084-Tico-tico "ミュージカル:Bathing Beauty" (Ethel Smith And The Banda Carioca)
085-Vesti La Giubba "未公開:Love of a Clown" (Alfred Newman's Orch)
086-Wait And See "未公開:The Harvey Girls" (Judy Garland)
087-When Winter Comes "銀嶺のスタア" (Artie Shaw And His Orch)
088-When You're Away "未公開:The Only Girl" (Jessica Dragonette)
089-Whispers In The Dark "画家とモデル" (Connee Boswell)
090-White Christmas "スイング・ホテル" (Bing Crosby, J.S.Trotter Orch)
091-Who Knows? "ミュージカル:Rosalie" (Tommy Dorsey & His Orch)
092-Yipsee-i-o "未公開:Nancy Goes To Rio" (Carmen Miranda And Frank Fontaine)
093-You "巨星ジーグフェルド" (Tommy Dorsey & His Orch)
094-You Forgot About Me "未公開:Let's Make Music" (Bob Crosby & His Orch)
095-You Never Looked So Beautiful "巨星ジーグフェルド" (Tommy Dorsey & His Orch)
096-You Were Meant for Me "ハリウッド・レヴィユー" (Nat Shilkret And Victor Orch')
097-Zigeuner "オペラ:Bitter Sweet" (Artie Shaw And His Orch)